New communication channel for brands on WeChat



WeChat recently opened to advertising to the brands that was prohibited.

Rained earlier in the year some brands which mercedez Benz, Coca Cola tried to find a aprade to implement their advertising on WeChat and reach lots of users but without success.

You should know that WeChat company manages 600 private accounts, each with 500 friends in it, with an advertising scheme issued by Tencent, each advertising could reach 300 000 users, which would be a large potential for brands.

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The operation

Brand name and profile image
Up to 40 characters and a description of the advertisement
Link to an HTML5 Web page that is hosted on the server Tencent
Up to 6 photos

You can target users based on their location, interests, age, gender, unit and telephone network.


Specific city:

Beijing and Shanghai, 35 first cities, and non-specific cities.

Industry specific:

Companies can choose to advertise 17 industries including: education, travel, finance, automobile, real estate, house, clothing, food and beverage, lifestyle services, business services, beauty products, Internet / IT, sports, medical product healthy pregnancy, and games.

Users can view up until the announcement in 48 hours. The ad disappears after 6 hours if the user does not like, he can leave a comment or you can click on the link. If the user interacts with the ad, this will increase the probability of receiving the ad. This viral effect will increase the quality of the target users.

Specific Location:

CPM (cost per thousand views) to non-location specific ads 40RMB
CPM for users in Beijing and Shanghai – RMB 140
CPM for users in 35 first and second tier cities – 90 RMB

Minimal entry price: 200,000 RMB


source : Walk the Chat 


The application process is very sophisticated to date: you must write an e-mail with the [email protected] in application form to get in touch with a sales representative of Tencent.

Is this the right time for you?

WeChat Moments (advertising) ads that it is not good for everyone. Tencent compare to other advertising channels, Q-zone Tencent Weibo 0.2-1RMB between CPM; WeChat and banners in CPC (cost per click) of between RMB 2-5; KOL CPM campaign has 0.5-1 RMB, WeChat time advertisements is comparatively much more expensive.

The current version of Moment ad (advertising) can not take users directly to an external site, such as WeChat store, App or download directly to payment, although this may be a trend for the future.

Moment WeChat ads tend to be a better choice for well-known brands with visually attractive products. For small and medium businesses or companies in the service industry or B2B, other advertising channels such as KOL, WeChat banners, advertisements and Tencent QQ and Q-zone may be a better choice (Maximize social business for more).


We can see with the opening of this channel by WeChat, on advertising, a new user experience to target more users, and so enable brands to target more specifically their users. Still restreins, the gradual opening to other cities, and the easing of input prices, that will truly be an obligatory passage to promote a brand.

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