China Metal-forming market for Air-compressor


Air compressors can be mainly divided into 2 types: screw air compressor and piston air compressor.

1. Introduction

1.1 Screw Air Compressor

screw air compressor

ModulationInstead of starting and stopping the compressor or actuating the inlet valve between two distinct positions, a modulation control scheme proportionally adjusts the inlet valve open and closed, altering the compressor discharge according to demand. While this yields a consistent discharge pressure over a wide range of demand, power consumption is significantly higher than with a load/unload scheme, resulting in approximately 70% of full-load power consumption when the compressor is at a zero-load condition.

Among all its components, fine oil separator, air filter and oil filter can be rolled and welded and other parts are molded.

1.2 Piston Air Compressor(Reciprocating Air Compressor)

piston air compressor

The intake gas enters the suction manifold, then flows into the compression cylinder where it gets compressed by a piston driven in a reciprocating motion via a crankshaft, and is then discharged. Applications include oil refineries, gas pipelines, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and refrigeration plants.

Among all its components, only fine oil separator can be rolled and welded and all the others are molded.
Besides, air reservoirs are not a part of air-compressor, but they are always used with air-compressors. And air compressor companies usually produce air reservoirs by themselves.
The air compressor companies usually produce fine oil separator, air filter and oil filter by themselves.

2. Chinese Air Compressor Market

So far, all the major players in this field have opened their factories in China. For Atlas Copco, China is its No.2 market.
The rapid development of machinery, petrochemical, food and drug and metallurgical industry has benefit air compressor market a lot until the crisis. The size of the market in 2010 is 20 billion RMB and estimated to hit 30 billion in 5 years.
Still in 2010, the sales of screw air compressor totalled 110 thousand, at 15 billion RMB. This market will keep expanding while piston air compressor market will shrink on the contrary.
However, after the crisis this year, especially after June, the demand for screw air compressor has declined by 90%. It is probably caused by the decline of both domestic and foreign market, especially European market.

Production 2010:
Screw Air-com: Piston Air-com = 8: 2

Status Quo:
Screw Air-com: Piston Air-com = 1: 1

4. Target

According to situation, the target for metal forming companies should be the fine oil separator, air filter and oil filter. And these parts are usually produced by Air compressor companies themselves. Regarding the market trend, screw air compressor manufacturers should have more interest in machines than the others.

The leading company in this market is Kaishan Compressor. In 2010 they have produced 240,000 screw air compressors occupying 20.59% of the total market.

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