Taobao recently announced that they have become the exclusive e-commerce partner of the CCTV Spring Festival gala in 2020, and Alibaba’s chief marketing officer said the company will distribute 1 billion yuan subsidies for customers during the gala which is a new record for e-commerce subsidies in CCTV Spring Festival gala.

According to the report, this is the second strategic cooperation between Taobao and CCTV spring festival gala, and this cooperation will continue the “empty shopping cart” campaign, which will increase to 50,000 positions this year compared with 1,000 previously.

Juhuasuan enhance its brand awareness through cooperation with CCTV

It is worth noting that Juhuasuan, a subsidiary of Alibaba, will also participate in the Spring Festival activities. The total subsidy scale will reach 2 billion RMB between January 20 and January 30, and consumers can directly enjoy preferential policies on Juhuasuan.

The cooperation between Juhuasuan and CCTV Spring Festival gala is an attempt to use the broadcast effect of the gala to reach more consumers and accelerate the penetration among young consumers.

Juhuasuan became a partner of CCTV Spring Festival gala, reflecting Alibaba’s emphasis on new business. According to previous data, Juhuasuan has accumulated more than 150 million visits, making it the most attractive new section on Taobao.

Juhuasuan’s target market planning

Before cooperating with CCTV’s Spring Festival gala, Juhuasuan had cooperated with four TV stations and had the exclusive title of BiliBili’s New Year’s Eve party which successfully attracted many young consumers.

In fact, this is also consistent with Juhuasuan’s market positioning. According to the data, Juhuasuan’s user group has three characteristics.

1. Users trust platforms with brand endorsement.

2. The frequency of users’ repeated visits is relatively high.

3. Young consumers are more easily attracted.


But Juhuasuan is not content to appeal only to young consumers.


Juhuasuan is trying to tap the market potential of “silver-haired people” and “middle-aged people”. The cooperation between Alibaba and CCTV Spring Festival gala will undoubtedly magnify the influence of Juhuasuan and attract more consumers. The development trend of Juhuasuan will become the new focus of 2020.