Another bad behavior from a Chinese tourist

This is the buzz of the beginning of the week. Recently, a Chinese tourist made graffiti on a 3500 years Egyptian Temple. The message was really simple: “Dīng Jǐnhào dàocǐ yīyóu” (丁锦昊到此一游) that is to say “Ding Jinhao was here.”

Another Chinese guy who was on the place took a picture of that :

graffiti egypt

Like every buzz in China, this Chinese guy posted the picture on the most popular social network in China, Sina Weibo. The Internet users in China soon discover that the responsible person was a teenager of 14 years old in holidays in Egypt with his family. It was not the first time that that kind of things happened. Indeed, in the past, another chinese write on the Great Wall of China.

Apologies from the family and the government

Since that, the parents of the teenager have apologized for the incident. But because of all the negative comments about that, the China’s Foreign Ministry also address its apologies.

Hong Lei who is working at the China’s Foreign Ministry made an announcement saying that the number of Chinese visiting foreign countries is now more and more important (83 millions in 2012). He also said that he hopes that relations between China and other countries are going to improve, and that the chinese tourists will behave well in other countries and will respect the rules and laws of the foreign countries.

Reactions on Chinese social networks

Another Chinese who was on the spot, take a picture of the graffiti. He said on his Weibo account that he tried to remove it but he didn’t have what was needed.

On Weibo there were a lot of reactions (more than 15 000 comments and 90 000 shares).

Weibo Egypt

Generally, the Chinese population is not proud of that. Indeed, they made reactions in which they criticized this attitude, the vandalism of this young Chinese tourist. They also said that it was the fault of the parents because they didn’t teach the teenager the rules of this place.

According to the parents of the teenager, their son understands his mistakes and apologies again.

Finally concerning the temple, the damages are not permanent. Experts of restoration had succeeded to remove the graffiti in the middle of the week.

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