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How do we help you to promote your app in China?



Administrative, stock, launch of the shop, adaptation of strategies … All our tips to launch your app

Marketing and advertising

Different consumption habits, a way of life that has nothing to do with the West … The launch of an app requires an appropriate marketing campaign


Baidu SEO

We have your site up in the results on Chinese search engines. It is important that the Chinese can find your app on Baidu.



Understanding how apps work is essential to success, we regularly provide you with an analysis of your marketing results.


We can advise you on launching your application in China through our expertise. We can also help you, from statistics that we provide, to adapt the strategy put in place if necessary. Some important things to consider: based on Western themes. Chinese consumers do not simply want free app, but something that is suitable for China.

Intergration and distribution

Google Play does not work very well in China, integration and distribution are not as easy as in western markets. As there are hundreds of Chinese online store (type apple store), a app must be offered on dozens of e-stores to cover the market. Different integrations are required for each e-store, including billing systems and specific analytical services.

app promotion

To promote an app it takes several things:

  • An e-reputation, have a positive image, have good comments (yes the Chinese rely heavily on comments).
  • Make PR (Press Relations), which local newspapers talk about digitally, on their blogs.
  • Use influencers to get initial feedback
  • Work on its online Branding and animate conversations around the APP to give users the desire to download it

Use the most popular Chinese social networks such


Understanding the Chinese market is an obligation to be able to promote your app. In order to help you, we will provide you with an analysis of your results and related marketing campaigns every month. Also, so that Chinese customers find your app well, it is important to use all the complex categorization tools in the Chinese market. We know these tools and we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Question about app Promotion in China

What do you need to know about the app market in China?

First, in the OS vs iOS system, Android dominates the market largely thanks to a large market share. And apart from the fact that Apple does not really have a very friendly relationship with China, it has the second biggest market share in the industry.

Secondly, the Chinese are not really willing to pay for mobile applications because they see this new technology not as a way to facilitate everyday life but rather as a constraint.

Is it difficult to enter the app market?

Yes, the Chinese are very selective about the choice of their applications and are particularly fond of the applications of mobile games.

How to attract Chinese to download my app?

You need to create unique content, depending on the type of strategy you choose. Most companies use mobile applications as added value or as an extension to their website, and do not optimize this tool because they simply want to be present on all possible types of channels. You have to be creative and original and find this idea that will set you apart from others.

What do I need to integrate into my application?

You’ve probably all heard of the QR code. You can find it anywhere and can scan it where you can get the information you need. It can be used in different way: by integrating it into your application to let your audience benefit from promotions or offers, by driving your customers to other social media pages or by using it as an interactive medium and creative.