China CCTV states that your phone is never quite totally silent.

According to their report, even when an app is not activated it burns your data bandwith.

What does it mean?


The Chinese media benchmarked 10 phone comprising Apple’s iphone and compared the amount of data used passively over a 120 hours period. It turns out that there is quite an amount of data used :

Brands like Sony and Nokia burned as much as 4MB of data…but the iphone got the worse mark :

80MB over 120 hours for Apple iPhone.

Well, I have done my own research using the regular text messages I receive when I use my data.

Simple calculation :

  • 80MB over the course of 120 means
    • As much as 60 yuan per month of wasted data
  • 80MB used over the course of 5 days,

I had used up 11.31MB July 3rd.   

  • I play video games that require me to be online, not much but still, downloading the server data takes its toll
  • I use my Wechat
  • My Baidu map is on when I need it to
  • I have turned a few of my app 3G access but not for all of them, I am at 25.5 7 days after this.
  • I have an Iphone 6 with about 30 apps.

This means 14 MB used up for my whole 3G consumption.

Sure my analysis is far from robust given that I am not benchmarking, I don’t know what they used in the report but still, it shows the flaws of the report just as it was highlited by several tech fans.

So why the report?


Given the problems Apple has faced with the Chinese government (public excuses and allegations of exploiting Chinese workers, it becomes more of a political “coup” to dirty the reputation of the American phone giant thus giving more space for local brands in the Chinese market.

By the way : State owned CCTV has already taken Appel to court last year… Is this another last attempt to get back at the brand? Most likely.

Unlike others who may think that 60RMB don’t matter since Iphone owners are rich enough to let that one slide, I would disagree with this : Many Chinese have had to save for a long time to get it for the “face” it may procure. Therefore I would love to hear more about this.

Dear reader, what do you think?

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