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Amway, the American group specialized in the prestige direct sales in home care health care and cosmetics, has been increasing its place in China market.

Among all the products line, the cosmetics one is pretty strong in the Chinese market with the health care products. The cosmetics brand from Amway is Artistry 雅姿 (Ya Zi)

With a broad range of cosmetics in Skincare and Makeup, it is so far the only brand with prestige etiquette in direct sales of cosmetics products. We propose today to introduce to you some marketing strategies that Amway has successfully implemented to raise the brand awareness of Artistry in China.




Artistry products are distributed in a specific manner. As Amway is selling initially all its products through direct sales, Artistry products are sold the same way. However due to high regulation environment about direct sales in China, this has been slightly modified.

Amway has opened its own stores in many locations in China but their products are not officially sold online.

Combined with a direct sale policy and discount for premium members, it makes the brand a luxury one only available for prestige customers.


Traditional Advertising and Social Network

Amway has a traditional strategy of advertising using mainly the public areas advertising and also advertising on TV.

This choice can be easily explained by the targets core customers for Artistry which are middle-aged and aged women, quite wealthy but not necessarily well educated and urban. So consequently using very modern online advertising way is not particularly effective.

In such case the new social networks such as Weibo are only a way to be known and keep a contact with the young customers, rather than an advertising support. If we have a quick look on the official Weibo account of Artistry we can see a very low amount of followers in comparison to other foreigner cosmetics brands; only more than 40 thousand followers, just about 6-10 times less than big other players in cosmetics industry.

Official Weibo account



While Artistry has a traditional way of advertising its products it has another way of making known its brand. In accordance with the global strategy of Amway products, Artistry is strongly involved in sponsoring activities all around in the world like the Miss America competition.

In China, the most famous sponsoring activity of Artistry is the partnership with the Cognac brand Henessy for the music festival Hennesy Artistry (轩尼诗炫音之乐). Their last event in Shanghai, last December 2nd was held in the Mercedes Benz Arena and included several famous artists such as Adam Lambert and the popular Taiwanese Rock Band MayDay (五月天). You can watch a part of the concert in below video:

If the link doesn’t work well, you can also watch it directly on Youku at this address

Amway China (Official Website)


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