Whether photos or videos, the Chinese are very sensitive to visual media, digital medias are always appreciated in a blog or a post.

In China, people spend about 25 hours per week online, a third of this time dedicated to activity on social network and roughly a third of this activity dedicated to watching videos.
Unlike the text, the pictures are an universal language, Chinese websites, social networks and applications  that grow the fastest are those which are optimized for displaying photos / video (weibo, WeChat, Taobao …). Use a picture to illustrate posts will help the reader better understand the content and better remember it.

Consumers are attracted by photos/videos

If you have an online store, a website or an account on a Chinese social network, it is important to publish media support with your content, it’s part of your marketing strategy, and you should know that:

  • A publication with pictures is more seen than without pictures, and therefore are more likely to attract the interest of the reader
  • A publication with a video is even more seen than with images and they arouse the reader’s curiosity
  • The picture quality is very important to gain the trust of the consumer

The content of your digital media is very important

Do not post anything just to post it or fill the content, the digital media content have to be relevant for the Chinese consumers and to get there are some rules to follow:

Images/videos for posts

In the top or through the text,  images/videos are here to illustrate the content of your publication, go for representative images: beautiful, unusual, funny and related to your topic, be creative.

Huaban flux

Here is the image flux on Huaban, a popular pinterest-like app. Chinese do love pictures!



Images/videos of products

Especially needed for online stores. Provide a series of several photos of your product, service, beautiful clear pictures and good quality to make the consumer have a clear idea of you content. You can include videos to present your product, it will be even better.

A video produced by our agency

Some product photos you can find on Taobao.

All of these pictures below have one thing in common : they are all well worked, with a high resolution to have the maximum appeal to Chinese customers. Lighting, pose, layout of the picture, everything has been carefully chosen to put the products and models under their best. Indeed, with a wide range of product available, it is often those with the most beautiful pictures and videos that will stand out at first!

produit chinoismodemode chinoise2mode chinoise 3

Our agency provides customizable video production service, which with your expertize can help you to be remarkable.

Pictures and videos help the customer to have a better idea of the products sold. In China where activities such as e-commerce has become a lifestyle, these media are the only way for Chinese to assess the value of a product sold by your brand. Besides, Chinese love pictures and video, you simply need to see how many photo and video editing are out there like Meitu Pic (美图 Mei tu for nice picture) or Huaban 花瓣

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