A record number of Chinese students are studying in foreign universities, and we will see the best Marketing strategies to attract oversea Chinese Students who are able to pay a lot of Money to get a Western Diploma

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China has become the world’s biggest source of overseas students, with 14 percent of global total.

The number of Chinese students who studied abroad has increased during the last years. In 2012 this number reach up to 399,600 Chinese students who were to study abroad last year.

Most of the Chinese rich parents desire to send their kids to study outside China and the United states and United Kingdom are the principal education destinations. Other destinations are Canada, New Zeeland, Australia, Switzerland, Singapore, Germany and France. When those children are sent abroad, their average age is 16 years old.


According to a Hurun report, over 80 percent of Chinese rich families are planning to send their kids abroad, which involves the highest ratio of the world. On the other hand, this trend entail less than 1 percent in Japan and in Germany around 10 percent.

China is the main provider of overseas students in the world and EE.UU. is their principal destination. International students contributing around $24 billion to the EE.UU economy.


Nowadays, the global market in education is more competitive, countries and universities have to compete between each other in order to catch more Chinese students and that’s why it’s essential offer some incentives to the students.

Countries like Australia or United Kingdom had some barriers which involved tough restrictions to international students and therefore, there was a decreasing of overseas students.

Visa is the main problem

The visa is the main obstacle for Chinese students. It is important allow overseas students work during their studies and also, governments should enable them stay in the country some months in order to find work once they finish their studies. Opportunities for scholarships is another important factor to attract Chinese students.

As reported by China Daily, Chinese students spend between $32,630 and $97,770 per year when they are studying abroad.


How to Attract Chinese students? Top Marketing Strategies




How attract oversea Chinese students?

The using of social media has increasing during the last years becoming essential in the Chineses’s life. These platforms have a great potential in order to sell products and services and universities are taking advantage of this trend.

Through a social media strategy, universities can catch Chinese students. The importance and popularity of this trend is increasing mainly between U.S. universities. Firstly, universities have to create social media account on Chinese social media platforms as RenRen, Sina Weibo or Douban.


The “Chat” is an effective way to approach Chinese young students and as example, Duke University has created “chats” in some social media sites to answer potential questions of the Chinese students.

Top sites to catch Chinese students:

Due the importance of education in China, many websites have been created to provide information about education. These specialized sites are very helpful because they allow the interaction between students and universities.

Universities should include the next websites along with WeChat, Sina Weibo and RenRen in order to attract more Chinese students.

  • Gter and Taisha are the principal websites for studying abroad.
  • Xineurope is the most influential site for students who want to study in France,
  • Abcdvbbs is a popular website for German universities.


  • Kina CC is very influential for Chineses who are study in European countries.
  • 51elts is essential for people who want to study in English speaking countries.

Using these sites in an efficient way, universities can increase its exposure and awareness between the Chinese audience.

Best content to attract Chinese students:

Universities have to include relevant and interesting content in the social media platforms.
To create interest in Chinese students, it is important provide information about the university and surrounding area. The content has to include information about student life, restaurants, nightlife, museums and activities near to the university besides the information about the services available to overseas students.


China has over 600 million internet user and around 95% of them are using social media. As a result of this data, universities should to set up digital marketing strategies around social media platforms to reach potential Chinese students.

Chinese students has became in the new goal for many companies due their powerful potential due its enormous disposable incomes and their purchasing desire.

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