Attract Chinese travellers to Myanmar

The newly released statistics 2012 for Myanmar tourism show a huge increase in the number of tourists and revenue incoming travel.

Over one million travelers have flocked to Myanmar last year , compared with about 816,000 visitors in 2011 . Most of them come from China.

The Income from tourism for the country has shown surprising growth year after year , registering an increase of 67 per cent of revenue. The total tourism income for 2012 was $ 534 million compared to U.S. $ 319 million in 2011.

Tourism in Myanmar is a slowly developing sector. Although Burma possesses great tourist potential and attractions in many fields, much of the industry remains to be developed. Also, the number of travellers to Burma is comparatively small compared to her neighbours – even outpaced by Laos.

The governmental statistics  reported more than 1 million travelers flocked to Myanmar in 2012, compared with approximately 816,000 visitors in 2011.

Among these, 593,391 tourist arrivals (excluding visitors under special entry visas such as social or business visas) were via Yangon International Airpor

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This is primarily due to its current political situation.

Tourism in Burma has been developed mainly by the government, but many private enterprises do exist, catering to a wide range of tourists.

Investment come from ?

Despite reports of infrastructure overwhelmed by the sudden rise in the number of visitors, officials say they are not worried , and remain optimistic about foreign investment in the industry.

“Since the new investment law was passed last year, many foreign investors have asked about the situation ,” said Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism manager Khin Than Win CNN, adding that the Department focuses on the development of human resources, transportation and hotels.

According to official statistics , there are currently 28,291 hotel rooms in Myanmar. The ministry is working on a project for the development of five -star Hoang Anh Vietnamese society Gia Lai Hotel .

Thais beat the Chinese for most visitors by nationality. About 90,000 Thais, 70,000 Chinese tourists and 37,000 American tourists visited Myanmar last year.

Visitors are mostly men , the male-female ratio visitors to 62 percent to 38 percent.
high hopes

The Department expects many more in 2013.

“We expect the growth of tourism to continue further and expect to receive 1.5 million tourist arrivals this year ,” said Khin Than Win , citing new visas on arrival as an additional reason for the increasing rapidly.


How to attract Chinese tourists in myanmar?

60% of Chinese tourist use Internet to book hotel, flights and 80% use the web to search information and make their plan. It is impostant for every ressorts, hotels, or tourism tour to have a Chinese website, and give usefull information for the users.

Chinese people are very carefull about the users remark, and Internet word of mouth work pretty well.

Social media are also a good way to attract Chinese tourists. Chinese use Weibo or Wechat.

So the social communication should be focused on these 2 SNS.


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