Wang is a student from Beijing, he decides to go abroad for higher education because in his mind, without foreign study background, it’ll be a big obstacle for him to get promotion in company which has really happened on his father.

In fact, over 80% classmates of Wang believe study experience overseas can greatly help them in career development and get educated at a higher level. Besides, other main reasons drive Chinese students go out for higher education are the fierce competition from Chinese education system and its huge pressure; willing for immigration and increasing difficulty for finding a good job.

All these needs from the students or their families, plus the fact that the appreciation of the RMB, will help you understand why there have being 200 000 thousand college students from China going abroad for education last year. (see also Chinasmacks)

Chinese overseas Students are booming !

Among all the destination countries, those major English speaking countries are favored by Chinese students such as US, UK, Canada and Australia.

While other small-language countries in Europe are increasing very fast in taking share of the market. The advantage of price; lowering cost due to the depreciation of Euro against RMB; internship opportunity; and also major about the pillar industry of the country such as the luxury and travel management in France; mechanics in Germany and designing in Italy are really attractive to Chinese students.


students in italian design study

Rich People want the best For their Child!

With the boom of the needs for going foreign study, the overseas study consulting services companies are also springing up all over China. They usually offer one-stop service: from choosing a university to getting offer in the end. At the same time, illegal agencies also appear and they harm the reputation of the entire industry. Many people become very suspicious and paranoid after reading news about how those black agencies overcharge the customer or mislead clients by deceptive advertising, or forge document for the applicants.


students oversea study consultancy

As a result, many people choose to trust information they get from their friends who have already been abroad or information they find online. The internet has become so popular in education industry that almost all the education organizations or agencies have tried to attract students online. It’s a solution without limit of location, without big cost for office.

A report from Iresearch shows that the information from Internet is the most popular source of information for students that 36% of them will choose searching online as the first choice for information; following is the friends and networking (34%).

I guess you know now which path to take if you want to attract Chinese students. That’s right, internet will be your first step.

And among the different channels for information, search engine is the most valued one, 36.4% information is found by searching; following are vertical media and portals.

So it means if you want to get your school’s name exposed in front of Chinese students, you need to use SEA (search engine advertising), social media and publications on media.


And now let me introduce you more about these three different marketing solutions:

1. Search Engine Advertising- the most efficent solution

There are two ways to make advertising on search engines: SEO and SEM.

Both of them can help students find your website when search keywords such as “best marketing major in the US” or “English training course Shanghai”.

Technically, SEM is a solution allowing a your website appear on the first page in the search result by paying to the search engine. And SEO is a solution that pushes a certain webpage on the first page in the organic search results. Compared with SEM, SEO takes more time but it stay s longer and more stable. The result won’t disappear after you stop the campaign, on the contrary, it can usually stay for quite a long time.

No matter which solution you take, studying on the keywords is the first step and keep in mind that it is also the most important part of the campaign. If you already have a good list of keywords, then you will need to improve the page that appear in the result to make sure that the information on the page is what the Chinese students want and like to see.

Baidu SEO

2. Social media is very popular among Chinese Students

The role that social media playing in attracting Chinese students is to tell Chinese students that your course or school are suitable for them. Now in China, not only students, but also their parents have got used to searching other people’s comment on some social media. And they really trust what other people say on social media, especially those who have already had experience in the school or course while many education organizations make mistake by publishing very direct advertising on Chinese social media which will only make themselves invidious.

A good marker will tell you that the good content you need to diffuse on social media is what students and their parents can trust and get interested such as the real experience of another student, how anther students select a good school for himself and so on.

China social media3. Media publication increase ereputation !

Basically, students will go to two kinds of websites for information about foreign study: vertical media and portal. Usually portals get more traffic and exposure while vertical media is more for people closer to the decision making. Besides traffic, media publication can also benefit a school huge trust because Chinese are very likely to believe what media say, especially when it’s about something they have never heard about.

The point here to notice about the media publication is the selection of the media and the content published there. To reach this point, you need to understand who the readers of the website are and what topics they are looking for.


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