How to attract wealthy Chinese with exotic watches

Watches have been a fancy subject for many and rich people. The high-end brands have always had an exclusive audience all over the world. However, as China is seen as the new emerging market, we have 257-year-old Swiss watch companies. Vacheron Constantin is looking for increasing prospects in the Chinese market. However, it is also wooing Chinese buyers travelling to Switzerland to take home their watches. With their new design called ‘Metiers d’Art – The Legend of the Zodiac 2013, the company is hoping that Chinese tourists as well as the expat community in Switzerland will make a bee line to buy their watches.

Switzerland welcomes more and more Chinese tourists and capitalizing on this, the watch company is hoping to see a growth in sales also. One of the most popular souvenirs bought during trips in Switzerland are watches from the Lake Lucerne area. And cashing in on this trend, Vacheron Constantin has created a watch with a snake on the dial to celebrate the Year of the Snake, which is sure to fascinate the Chinese travellers when they visit Switzerland.

This aggressive marketing strategy is bound to benefit from around 400,000 tourists currently travelling to Switzerland and they are expecting the number to grow to an astronomical two million in the next few years. Luxury watches are indeed the draw for a sizeable portion of the tourists who visit Lucerne and take home a luxury watch or two as souvenirs of their visit to the land of watches for their friends as well as family. Vacheron Constantin, with their new design, is expecting to see a huge draw in China as well as for the visitors to Switzerland with their Year of the Snake watch, which is a special edition piece.

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