All brands which wants to enter the Chinese market need to create a Brand Culture. In a market increasingly busy and huge, the brand must be able to stand out but also attract Chinese consumers who absolutely must develop a relationship of trust with them.

It’s no longer a secret that Chinese consumers are getting more and more educated, informed and intelligent. New Chinese consumers appear on the market with the increasingly specific expectations towards brands. Brands must therefore redouble efforts to attract consumers by implementing smart strategies.

Bet on your media content


Your media content is the key to your success, your positioning and your brand image depends on the publication of your contents. The more you publish qualitative content the more they are attractive to Chinese consumers.

Visual content is the key

So bet on beautiful visual products to attract customers, but if you have a high-end positioning or a luxury one, then you must (more than any other brand) create a brand culture, respect your brand values ​​and your positioning. One Basic Rule : Your content MUST MATCH your positioning !

Beautiful pictures attract Chinese consumers because photos are regarded as an institution in China, a brand’s visuals must reflect what they are aiming to represent : attractive prices, good quality, offer’s diversity ….

Also bet on a video that is promoting your brand, it is one of the most interesting and creative way to deal with. Through the video you can tell your target a true story and thus create a strong brand content !

From your content to the establishment of a real story telling


Chinese consumers love brands and let the world know. You should know that on the social networks they usually follow between 8-10 brands. So they give a special interest to a brand’s presence and therefore the quality of its content. This is why it is essential for a brand that wants to settle down in China, to create qualitative media contents on social networks or via the creation of an official brand’s website.

Establish a story-telling strategy is highly interesting for the brand, the goal is to sensitize the consumer to the brand’s culture. Through story-telling the brand will use different media that will help create emotion among Chinese consumers and they will then have a higher propensity to adhere to the brand.

The supports of Story-Telling


When we talk about support for a story-telling strategy, we refer to the brand’s visuals / photographs but also to the videos. To tell a story that will touch directly the Chinese consumers, Brands must use qualitative media because the more you’ll use these kind of materials the more your story will seem credible in the customer’s eyes. Therefore Chinese consumers will prefer beautiful images and a beautiful of video, which represents high quality and strong brand values.

We can take the example of Chanel’s story-telling for their perfume, Coco Mademoiselle which worked amazingly well in China, mostly thanks to a perfect use of a muse that carries values of refinement and a high quality video format, that entranced Chinese consumers to Paris on the Pont des Arts but also in the world of luxury through the gala when the video starts.


To conclude, attractive media contents are a must for any brand willing to penetrate the Chinese market, because the Chinese consumer is more and more receptive to emotions shared by a brand, it will therefore influence its decisions during a purchasing.

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