Chinese are continuing to travel all around the world, spending more and more money in shopping and entertainement.

Chinese Tourists often join a tour group because they believe that they would experience fewer cultural and language barriers. High End Tourists prefers local Guide or speciliased agency to help them to prepare their trip.

Chinese are the second-largest tourists for Australia, behind only New Zealand.

Chinese spend more in Australia than they do in their own country.


Australia are expected to get more and more Chinese tourists.

Australian-tourism China

Australia is a Top destination for Chinese,  with 626,000 visitors in 2012. 2013, Chinese visitation hit 646,779 for the year ended June, and spending has risen 20%  to $3.4 billion

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Chinese Traveller are attracted by ?


These travellers are attracted by Australia because of

  • Amazing flora and fauna

kangourous australia

  • Clear blue sky and clean air (that they can not have in their country)
  • Beautifull beaches along the Indian Ocean
  • They like to have the same time zone as China & close proximity to Asia


  • fresh seafood : Chinese really like sea food and fresh local products (like wine)
  • relaxed lifestyle and spaciousness

  • they appreciate Australians : friendly, easy-going, and warm
  • diverse landscape , desert, mountains…natural wonders, including the Pinnacles, Wave Rock, Ningaloo Reef etc.

visite australia

What Chinese like in Australia ?

The majority of Chinese tourists are interested in the history &culture of Australia, including “Indigenous” . Chinese travellers would like to be engaged in many different activities : Casinos, golf, cruise shipping, crabbing, sand-boarding, swimming with whale, sharks and dolphins. they also appreciate watching a sunset on the Indian Ocean. Most Chinese love photographing lanscape, or local people. They would like to show their experiences with their cercle when they come back in their country.

Chinese tourists use to do a lot of shopping. They usually have done their research online for popular local products (lanolin cream, emu oil, fish oil, formula baby milk powder, UGG boots, abalone and organic skin care products and vitamines)  to buy during their trip.

For high-end Chinese travellers, they may spend time shopping for Argyle diamonds, pearls and gold.

Chinese travellers normally purchase large quantities of products as gifts for their friends and family. Gambling is also part of this that.

Always include shopping excursions and a brief stop to a local supermarket in the itineraries, even with a tight schedule.


Australia has made a big Advertisment campaign in China , to let Chinese People discover big cities. more information here




Chinese already know where they will go and what they will purchase before their trip. Most of them search online information in mandarin on Forums, local search Engine(Baidu), or social networks sites like Weibo.

Even during their trip, they prefer not modify the itinerary. Usually they will enjoy Free time for shopping


How to attracts (more) Chinese Tourists

We are online agency, and most of our customers are in the tourism industry.



A website in Chinese

According to the introduction from  C-trip(online leader for travelling) most Chinese make decisions depending on the information online (in Chinese). please check this figures

  • Over 50% of the travellers from China will compare the information from 2 websites;
  • 18% of them compare information from 3 websites;
  • 9% of the tourists would even check 4 websites.

So a company without a website, will probably be running behind the ones with web sites.

An hotel, resort, local tour operators or any actors in tourism industry should have a Website in Chinese.
australia china

What’s also important is to show your website to vast amount of Chinese tourists. The most popular solution is using SEO and SEM.

A website without visitor is not really usefull. SEO, search engine optimization should be done on baidu and other Chinese Search engine like 360 or Sogou.

china search Engine



To attract Visitors and potential customers we advice you to use our methodology. More information here

SEO China


Social networks

Social Networking sites(SNS) has become an important society phenomena in China, and a large part of the population use Weibo, for get more information about their destination.

70% of Chinese netizens have a Weibo (micro blog : mix between Facebook and twitter)

Open an account is the first step, but after manage the content, attract visitors and animate the community is the more important step for your online Marketing.

The benefits of promoting your services on social media is that you can

  • reach your target precisely
  • build a community around your services/products and get feedbacks
  • creating a more social company image, connected with locals customers;
  • people are accept information from SNS more easily
  • Get Online asking or booking


Example of a need to improve weibo : STA Travel Australia with their weibo

  • 8000 fans, but 0 interactivty
  • More of their post link to a website in English
  • Design of the Account can be personalised


St travel Australia

Example of an attractive weibo : mafengwo

  • Huge number of fans, good interactivty
  • Interaction with KOL (key opinion leaders)
  • Galery of Photos
  • mini travelling video


Photo mafengwo


See more information on other tools to attract Chinese Tourists here and a general introduction of Marketing strategy here.





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