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Real Estate Marketing in China: How to Avoid Agent Commission

Real Estate Marketing to attract Chinese Buyers & Investors is booming as this lucrative market opens-up like never before. The figures speak for themselves, there are over 350 million middle class Chinese, of this 150 million have the funds to afford overseas property. With GDP stabilizing at 7% growth year on year estimates suggest an additional 5-10 million Chinese move into the upper bracket & are also able to afford overseas property per calendar year.  One method of attracting buyers is through Chinese agents, they have a network and are incentivized to sell via commission, nothing new but does...

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How To Market Vitamins & Health Supplements in China

China consumed over CNY 109 billion (US$16.3 billion) of vitamins and dietary supplements (VDS) in 2015, with an 8% increase over 2016, this is a result of increasing disposable incomes and increasing health awareness of almost every segment of the rising Chinese urban, middle class. Indeed there are now over 350 million ‘middle class’ consumers in Mainland China representing the largest VDS market in the world.   We are an Expert in Health Care Products in China With more than 300 clients ,and over 5 years experience in the e-Commerce market, we have the insight that you need to...

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China is a ‘WeChat Centric’ Society

In China we are truly living in a WeChat (Weixin) ‘centric’ society. This behemoth of an application built by Tencent has grown to become the largest and most pivotal social network in Mainland China. Any comprehensive marketing campaign involves an element of WeChat strategy. Here we shall explore the key elements of the app that have placed it at the heart of social communication, it also demonstrates the power of an effective marketing campaign in China.   The Size & Scale of WeChat’s User Base WeChat now boasts over 877 million active daily users, the majority of which access...

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20 Best Strategies for the China Market

This is one of the hot business topics of our time as the China Market becomes (in many sectors) the most lucrative of it’s kind in the world. With over 350 million middle class consumers, GDP growth of 7% year on year & powerful online eco-system for marketing & sales China certainly offers the greatest potential for savy business. We are an international agency of 25 people based in Shanghai and one of China’s largest domestic agencies. We’ve worked on over 250 different projects collectively. There is often a lot of conflicting advice when it comes to the China...

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Guide to Entering the Chinese Luxury Market

The Chinese Luxury Market is now the most sizeable in the world. With burgeoning levels of wealth and disposable income come changing expectations from consumers.   The Definitive Guide to Entering the Chinese Luxury Market Over the course of 2016, total Chinese consumer expenditure rose by 7%, far high than global average levels of 2.3% for the same year. Now in 2017 we can confirm that Luxury Goods in China are forecast to be the seventh fastest-spending category Despite this sizeable market, unless you are already an established brand in China you have some work to do in terms of...

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