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Latest WeChat Report: Key Data & Analysis

WeChat’s latest 2017 report on user data was revealed this yesterday. The usual tremor is created across the blogosphere as analysts, marketers, brands & businesses pour over the data. The WeChat Data Report 2017 shows 902 million average daily logged in users in September 2017, up 17% year-over-year and 38 billion messages sent on WeChat everyday. WeChat records 3.5 million monthly active Official Accounts in Q3 2017, up 14% YoY; and, 797 million monthly active users of WeChat Official Accounts, up 19% YoY. Its important to note initially that WeChat produce the data, this is no independent or third...

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One Step Beyond Lead Generation: Smart Real Estate Marketing in China

Is Lead Generation in China Enough for Real Estate Companies? What Is The Next Step To Increase Lead Quality and Sales Rates?   At GMA we are lucky enough to work extensively in Real Estate Marketing & Lead Generation. Over the last 3 years we’ve learnt a thing or two about what it takes to stand out in this lucrative yet competitive market place. Indeed with more players vying for a slice of the pie your strategy also needs to step up.   How Stand Out In The Chinese Market? Invest in Long Term Growth Utilise Direct Lead Gen...

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How To Market A Law Business in China

How Law Businesses Can Grow in the Lucrative Chinese Market   The Chinese market has been developing & opening up for a wealth of different sectors. As Xi Jinping commits to opening China to mutually beneficial foreign transactions there are growing opportunities for savy law firms to establish themselves as key players in International & Local Law in an era outbound Chinese Emigration & Mainland focused Global Business Development. The time for an intelligent digital strategy is now. In this article I’ll draw on a case study example of how carving your niche as a legal expert in your field...

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Why are Australian Health Products Popular in China?

China seems to have gone mad for everything Australian. In many ways (as I have argued before) we are in a ‘golden age’ for Ozzie products in China. China now boasts over 350 million middle class consumers with a changing set of priorities and expectations, particularly when it comes to Health Care Products. Indeed, China the second-largest pharmaceutical market is expected to be worth $167 billion by 2020. Healthcare is one of the first priorities in terms of improving product standards & has created a strong demand for international brands that are perceived as high quality when compared to...

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Top Marketing Insights, Interview with China Specialist Jynn Wang

A new series of articles on the Marketing to China blog. Here we interview seasoned, native Chinese marketing professionals with a deep understanding of this market and what it takes to succeed.   Firstly let us introduce Jynn. She has 8+ Year’s Experience Managing & Implementing campaigns at GMA for both Chinese & foreign brands and also spearheads digital business development. A talented marketer with unique insights to offer. If you have a project for the Chinese market and want to connect your business to China with the help of our experts, please contact us for to arrange a...

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