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Startup: How to Attract Chinese Investors?

Over the years, China has become a major global economic powerhouse. The country is one of the most important countries in terms of foreign investment. The development of the country’s economy through the emergence of a middle class, which plays a prominent role in consumption and the improvement and development of the technological sectors, represent many opportunities for foreign startups wishing to establish themselves in the country. In this article, we will analyze the major trends in terms of investment from Chinese investors and the means needed to attract their interest. A large economy of services lacking in technological...

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Chinese Tourists Rise in France!

At last! Tourism returns to France with encouraging figures on the summer season with a 3.7% increase compared to last year. However, France is no longer one of the European destinations sought after by tourists and many efforts remain to be made. Chinese Tourists Return to France for their Travels France has always been the landmark country when it comes to visiting Europe, about 82.5 to 83 million people visited the country last year, according to the Foreign Minister. Chinese tourists represent good opportunities for the French economy and tourism. With more than 1.5 million Chinese visitors in 2016,...

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Agency Little Red Book China Xiaohongshu

It is well known that digital is constantly evolving in our environment. With over 800 million Internet users, China is a market where development opportunities are considerable and this is what the Little Red Book application has understood. This Chinese application became in a short time a symbol of capitalist success in China. A rapid development of the start-up Xiaohongshu also called “Little Red Book” is a Chinese start-up specializing in e-commerce. It is an application of social e-commerce created in 2013 by Charwlin Mao. It provides its users with a platform to buy products, shareshopping tips, and promotional...

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The Dissatisfaction of Chinese Investors in the Online Education Market

The Chinese media sphere witnessed in this month of August, a battle between two giants in the online education market involving pornography, threats, and unfair actions. The investors of these companies are enraged by the fallout from this scandal. Retrospective of the online education market in China In recent years, the online education market in China has been growing steadily. Education in China is deeply rooted in the culture of the country and its people, with the evolution of society and the digital world, this market responds perfectly to a demand and expectation of a certain target of consumers....

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Why US Brands are so Hot in China?

The online sphere in China represents great opportunities for foreign brands. With one of the most elaborate systems in terms of E-commerce and appropriation of this system by the majority of the population, expand its activities in China, has become an Eldorado for brands. In this article, we will analyze this enthusiasm for American brands and how these contribute to their success in the Middle Kingdom. Overview of Online business in China China is one of the biggest E-commerce markets in the world, with sales reaching more than $ 680 billion by 2016, which will reach the ridge in...

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