One of the top reasons you should enter in baby industry is obviously the abolition of one child policy. However, even before that measure, the baby industry was a swelling sector. Actually, according to statistics the market including maternity and baby product should reach and even surpass 3 trilion RMB in 2018. Many opportunities are present for foreign brands to be known such as China Kids Expo. The maternity and baby product refer to specific goods such as basic necessities related to the consumption of pregnant women, babies and children. This global market is divided in goods and services in different fields such as service industries, education health care and entertainment. Therefore, you have the possibility to sell many products.


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The market trend

According China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission, there are approximately 90 million couples of childbearing age that are expected to add 2.5 million new children every year from now. This stems from the end of one child policy. This means that they will spend more money because first they will have more children but also because it is a pleasure and also because it will be like a relief. This measure is coupled with the increase of incomes of these young parents. Indeed, the economic growth of the country participates to the progress of the middle class.

Purchase behaviour

Mothers don’t act the same way for their first and second child. For the first one because it is new experience they tend to buy a lot of goods earlier and compare different brand. They are very careful about what products they buy. Whereas for the second child they are wiling to purchase a bit later which means during the last month of their pregnancy because they are more confident. In order to buy the necessities they have several opportunities. The online platforms and offline shops provide  nowadays suggest different channels for buying the products. Mothers have the possibility to compare , exchange with other consumers. Many shops are present on mobile phone apps such as the giants Tao bao or TMall. Users can give a grade and make a comment. In China, this market is very dense so the consumers have a lot of choices concerning prices and product. Because this generation of parents earn more money, they are very carful about what they are going to buy especially for babies. Consequently, they are ready to pay a higher price for good quality product and of course premium brand.

Opportunity for foreign brand

As we mentioned earlier baby and maternity product market knows a huge expansion. As a foreign brand you should definitely take benefit of this expansion. Indeed, Chinese mothers are more confident with foreign brands than local brands. These last ones are often associated with bad quality or fake products. They are selective about the platforms they will use to buy their products.  However, you should get to know well and understand these Chinese mothers and their expectations. It can takes several years to get consumers trust. So you need to be patient and effective.

E-commerce booming

The parents of the actual babies grew with the internet. As a consequence, they are very familiar with e-commerce sphere and they are very influenced by social media and other digital channels. They feel comfortable with the idea of buying babies’ good online because purchasing online is enshrined in their habits.  Online market represents a significant share of this industry. That’s why even thought to decide to open a physical shop, you need to be present online which implies that you create a website and official account on We chat for example. It is highly recommended to work with Tao Bao and T mall because Chinese people spend a lot time on it. In addition, on these platform , payment tools are one of key of success. Alipay or we chat pay make it easy to buy things online.

Specific platforms

Because the digital system is very developed, you have specific social media platforms that are unavoidable. What is good about them consists in the fact that they focus on a specific group and give them reliable information. You have and muyingzhijia. Com. Both focusing on mothers and babies.

The last one is very famous because it contains platforms on which you can buy various types of products about babies and maternities. It privileges good and safe quality products. In order to target the mothers you have to use these channels because they will be very helpful while building you costumer base. These platform represent a great way to make stronger your e-reputation.

China baby market is facing a huge change , first because of the abolition of one  child policy and then because e-commerce platforms keep developing. The market is very diverse and children parents are likely to spend more and more money. GMA is a marketing agency specialized in digital marketing and can provide you a good assistance for realize your project  thanks to its expertise.

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