Who are the most intelligent companies in 2016?


Annual ranking of the 50 smartest companies

Each year, the MIT Technology Review analyses the best innovative companies, their technology and business models to elect the “50 Smartest Companies”. This year, the winner was Amazon but Chinese companies Baidu and Huawei were nominated in the top 10.

chiniese smartest companies 2016


Baidu “intelligent” with its automated, self driving cars




Baidu is of course the main chinese internet search engine but it was nominated as one of the smartest companies in 2016 because of its developments in autonomous, self driving cars.

Its expertise is based in data mapping and developing artificial intelligence, this is managed by a big research and engineering team in Silicon Valley.

The goal of the company is to bring self-driving cars to the market by 2021.

Baidu isn’t interested in making the actual car, just in the software that drives it. The company already has commitments with Chinese car manufacturers to release its first driverless car.

The Chinese search engine is already testing its automated vehicle technology on public roads in Beijing and in China’s southeastern Anhui province. In December, the company announced it had completed a fully automated test around a 30-kilometer route.

Baidu also has plans to have a self-driving shuttle on Chinese public roads by the end of 2018.




Huawei smart with its premium smartphones




The telecommunications giant Huawei is now the world’s third-largest smartphone vendor thanks to its premium and entry-level devices. With 100 million smartphones shipped this year, it sold phones worldwide and extended its marketshare. In China, Huawei’s shipments rose 81%.

The main devices of the brand are: the Mate 7, P7, and P8 smartphones which have all sold well over 4 million units each.

Huawei also sells cheaper smartphones designed for emerging markets, such as India, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.




Other Chinese tech behemoths

Tecent or Alibaba are also on in the list as well as Didi Chuxing, the taxi app beating Uber in the domestic market.


alibaba di th



Worldwide winners

The American e-commerce giant Amazon is at the first position because it has used digital technologies to redefine industries.

Companies like Microsoft, Bosch, Toyota, and Intel are wrestling with technological changes but also appear in the ranking.

Also on the list are ambitious startups like 23andMe, a pioneer in consumer-accessible DNA testing and 24M, a re-inventor of battery technology.


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