Management of Baidu PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign

Gentlemen Marketing Agency will manage your SEM campaign on Baidu

How do we help you with baidu PPC?

Choose keywords

We study and select appropriate keywords for your core business



We optimize/position your landing pages

Set up a Baidu account

We open a Baidu account for you and responsible for all the administrative process with Baidu


We start, monitor and manage the promotional actions and we control your budget and regularly we make necessary modifications


The PPC is commonly the “announcements” you find at the top of the page or on the right. You are free to choose the content of the advertisement and your audience.

Less complicated to set up and on demand, less investment, this method offers you an opportunity to purchase for the publication of the ad every time a user clicks on it

Advertising banners

Less present than at the beginning of the web in Europe, advertising banners remain very used in China! There are two types of banners: static and animated that will have to be chosen according to your project.

From the choice of the form of the banner to the analysis of the results of the campaign, our agency is there to take charge of your project.

Content management

We have a team of professional translators and copywriters who will be able to provide translation work in Chinese for your editorial and advertising content.

Analysis of your Results

Measurement and analysis of the results with a precise evaluation on the pertinence of the SEM campaign. We can discuss and correct the direction that the campaign takes if it does not meet your expectations

Marketing to China it's also an Agency

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Frequently Asked Question about PPC Baidu in China

Is Baidu as popular as Google?

Definitely Yes. Can you count the number of Google searches you make per day? This is often expressed in ten. The Chinese do not have a different habit, with more than 200,000 million searches daily, Baidu is the No. 1 search engine in China and so it seems essential to go through Baidu for its SEO.

Management of Baidu SEM Campaign , Baidu PPC (Pay Per Click)

What is the best? SEO or PPC?

It all depends on your project … and your expectations! There is no “best method”, both are very different and meet a very specific need. If you are planning to expand your business on Baidu, we invite you to contact us!

What is the main advantage to work with you?

  • Deep insight in the business of our clients
  • Optimization of the campaign
  • Optimal management of the budget
  • Clear overall report
  • Really competitive price
  • We have strong connexion with Baidu

What is the price for ppc on Baidu

  • 80% of the budget for Baidu
  • 10% of the budget for webpage optimization and the reporting
  • 10% for the management of the campaign
  • We can work with small budgets
  • With Big budget, we can Optimize Baidu PPC campaign to Maximize performance
  • The minimum budget is 15 000rmb for opening
  • Rules on Baidu change all the times

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