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Increase your ROI with Baidu PPC

We are a growing team of 75 marketers with a passion for China and digital marketing. We are constantly looking for new ideas in order to renew our solutions packages and always be on top of the  market trends. With 7 years of existence, we have been working on the marketing strategy including Baidu PPC campaigns of small, medium and big companies.

Baidu PPC: Solutions


Audit & Market research

We benchmark your current performance and see where you need to improve.


baidu ppc Account Openning

We take care of opening and managing your Baidu PPC account. The process is longer & requires more documents than Google AdWords but our dedicated is experienced. 


Optimize your baidu ppc/SEM Efforts

Faster and better results from paid search, converting clicks to customers.


Maximize your baidu ppc/SEM results

Convert 60% more leads while reducing your costs by 10%. Let’s get the best out of your resources.


baidu ppc campaigns Reporting

Get a monthly detailed report on your campaign performance & free consulting to discuss the next step.

We have been around for years and have extensive experience and success with Baidu PPC. Let us guide you.

Rhodia Solvay marketing department contacted GMA for advice on how to improve their visibility in the Chinese market. After having analyzed the clients needs as well has the current visibility of the company in China, our experts outlined a plan to boost the RHODIA SOLVAY company awareness in the Chinese market.

In order to boost the client’s visibility in China, GMA’s took over and reviewed every aspect of the Chinese side of the company’s communication. We managed the PPC campaign and conducted their e-business. We created content to be distributed to journalists with the aim of creating awareness for the company. Furthermore, we also optimized their content for the Chinese search engine and chose the most effective communication channel to publish it. 

Exposure: 80 000  Leads: 10+/weeks

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Baidu PPC & China SEM in 3 Steps

Let us know about your project, your goals for China as well as your budget, and we will create a custom strategy that will answer your needs. This strategy will be axed around 3 mains steps: creating an account, managing the account and launching successful campaigns.

Step 1: Analyze

It all start with defining your goals: why do you want to launch PPC campaigns? Is it for leads, awareness, sales? Will your PPC Campaigns be part of a more global multi channel strategy?

After determining what you are looking for with Baidu PPC Campaigns, it is time for auditing your traffic/website & competition – on this basis we create an action strategy.  Basically a market research.

If you don’t have a website, we do have solutions from designing a website from scratch optimized for Baidu & China in general or migrating your website with localization options.

Step 2: Optimize & run baidu ads

Now that we know what is your place in the market we can start optimizing your website & baidu ranking. From website hosting,  speed, landing pages to content localization etc We make sure your website is ready for ads.

We then open your Baidu PPC account & start working on your campaigns:

  1. Announcement campaigns. They are classic ads that you’ll find on top of recherche results or on the right side of the page.
  2. Banner ads: they are still very  used on Baidu.
  3. Brand Zone: take up 1/3 of the page & can show much information including brand logo.

Step 3: Analyze & Maximize

Our dedicated team monitor your Baidu PPC and SEM campaign on daily basis. What are they looking at?

  1. Where is the money spent?
  2. Can this money be spent more efficiently?
  3. ROI, traffic, quality of the traffic etc

Based on the data collected, decision can be taken. The goal: have campaigns that are cost-efficient & can run without too many actions needed so the team can focus on developing more successful campaigns.

A complete report is sent to our customer monthly.

Why Choose GMA for your Baidu PPC campaigns?

Fast Process

As soon as we start working together our team starts working on your project audit to determine the best strategy for your project.

Cost efficient

We apply the same politic with our clients than the one we use within our teams. We are drive by efficiency & do not accept waste of ressources.

Evolve with the trends

Marketing is always changing so do we. To satisfy our clients & get effective results we consistently develop new solutions.


Chinese locals experts and foreign marketing specialist work hands in hands to bring the best out of cultural background and skills.

Extensive experience

We have been out there for 7+ years. What started as a blog, became the leader of digital marketing in china, and we are here to stay.

Custom Consulting

handling your project to a marketing agency is scary, therefore our experts are always available to answers your questions & give you update.

Commonly asked questions about Baidu PPC


Is baidu a popular search engine?

80% Chinese netizens use search engines to find what they want online. Baidu is the number 1 search engine in China far ahead of its competitors.


Should I choose between Baidu PPC and Baidu SEO?

In the same way google ad words and SEO complete each other, Baidu PPC & SEO complete each other for optimized results & a raise in visibility.


Does Baidu PPC works the same way as google adwords?

Although the concept is similar Baidu PPC algorithm is not as advanced as google AdWords. Therefore, the highest bidder is often the one ranking.


Is baidu PPC a good investement?

Baidu ads represent 20% of the click to a website. Visitors coming from ads are most of the time in the last step of the funnel, ready to convert.

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Baidu SEO is often complementary

Having a multi channel strategy is giving yourself more chances for success. Combine Baidu SEO and PPC for more traffic.


Media Buying another kind of PPC

China internet has many platforms where you can buy ads emplacements, this is called media buying.


Website Migration & design solutions

Have a website ready to reach peoples on Baidu. Find out about our solutions.


Full Localized Branding strategy

Localizing your content and having a branding strategy adapted to China’s demands will make the difference between you trying to enter the Chinese market and succeeding.