Chinese like to do research before they buy a product or service. The majority of this research is done on Baidu (China’s answer to Google), as a result of the Great Firewall and the language barrier. In order to gain visibilty, SEO (search engine optimisation) must be implemented so that your brand is always the first one your target market sees. This article will provide key points regarding Baidu SEO.

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Baidu SEO


A presence on search engines is effective and neccessary. SEO is a long-term operation to improve the visibility of a company on the search engines. The goal is to be on the top of the list through the use of well researched key-words.
Key words are crucial for a SEO campaign. The keywords are the words that your target market will type in when looking for the product or service you provide. It’s important to use good key words. If you are only interested in traffic, it is one thing, but in effective strategies require hard work.


Baidu SEO VS Google SEO


In China, in terms of SEO, Baidu differs from Google. To develop a smart SEO strategy in China, your team needs to understand how Baidu works.


The main differences:

• Quality matters more on Baidu

• Repetition of key words increases your ranking on Baidu.

• Due to censorship, your content and information need to be controled and without political interest. Some words and content are forbidden.

• The homepage is very important for SEO

• Constant updating of your content is important



Baidu SEO is especially difficult and generally more expensive because the duration of Baidu is longer. The number of competitors on its own, is a factor that intensifies the competition. Few foreign websites succeed in promoting themselves online in China because even fewer companies have managed to understand how Baidu works, nevermind familiarise themselves with the impact of platforms like Baidu Zhidao network (questions/answers) or Tieba (forum).



Solutions: Our areas of expertise

We will optimize your website in two ways:

  • Onsite SEO
  • Offsite SEO.

Onsite SEO


A) Title tag

  • Baidu gives a lot of importance to the title tag
  • Having an optimal positioning on the title tag is enough to position even with illogical content.


B) Meta

  • Baidu gives a lot of importance at the meta tag <meta description> and <meta keyword>.
  • We act on the choice of tag/meta according to the most research keywords on Baidu and on the competition.

meta-tags SEO baidu

C) Home Page in Chinese 

  • Baidu places importance to the home page of a website. You have to link the target webpage to the home page to appear.
  • Like with Chinese websites, we would advice you to maximize the number of links in the header and the footer.


D) 100% Chinese

  • Priority goes to websites that are 100% in Chinese, preferably hosted in China, ending with “.cn”.
  • Few websites will get this extension because you have to have a company register in China, and the procedure takes months.
  • We advice you to have a website in simplified Chinese, distinct from the English version. It needs to cater to the Chinese audience and adapted to mobile phone viewing.


E) Host in China

  • Hosting locally, optimises the browsing experience.
  • Baidu gives a generous bonus to the websites hosted in China and a penalty to the ones outside China. If the government wants to control the information, it is more efficient if they can contact the Internet hosting service.
  • To avoid “surprises”, the content on your website should stay far away from topics discouraged by the Chinese government.


F) Interesting and quality content

To increase the number of visitors, you need interesting and SEO-friendly content for both Baidu and visitors. The Chinese search engine will give an essential importance to big websites, to websites with a huge amount of webpages.


Offsite SEO

Backlinks : 80% of SEO work in China

  • Baidu will prioritise websites with the most backlinks
  • Baidu appreciates highly trustful links from newspapers or government websites
  • The anchor link is not so important
  • The URL also doesn’t have a lot of importance
  • The origin of links doesn’t have a big influence
  • Research has shown that the “Like” button of Baidu has no influence on the SEO in China.


We generally spend 80% of our time/budget “off site”, to guarantee a quality SEO on Baidu.


Case study


Chemistry-World is a large internationally renowned chemical French group. Perfectly mastering its home market and the countries abroad where it operates, Chemistry-World was interested in a country that has very specific chemical needs: China. For this country, Chemistry-World had specifically launched a new product line and needed to penetrate the market the best way possible.


Within the first few months of working with us:

• 68% of visitors of the website are involved in the field.

• 42% of visitors want to know more about ChemistryWorld.

• The sales department recorded calls and was contacted by many potential customers.

• 25% of visitors improved the product description sheets on the site with comments.

• The SEM campaign attracted more than 4,560 visitors in just 3 months.

• In 3 months, 1,569,660 people saw Chemistry-World on Internet thanks to the SEO and SEM campaign.



SEO Agency in China



Key players in the Baidu SEO in our agency:

1. Strategy is made by Olivier (You don’t know Oliver? click About Us)

2. Philip will then manage and follow the project

3. Our Chinese team will be in charge of the execution

The Minimum duration for Baidu SEO is 6 months of service. Our price varies according to the competition of the keyword, and the work done before.


Reminder : Key figures regarding Chinese Internet


  • The number of Chinese Internet users is still increasing: 570 millions at the beginning of 2013
  • There exists 242 millions of Chinese Internet users who go shopping online (the number increased about 48 million in one year)
  • That 90% of professional buyers start their research on the Internet
  • That there are a few foreign websites visible on Baidu


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