Baidu is hiding some results…

What is happening?

Are you looking for service or customer service of JD, Taobao or even Wechat…etc?

If you are trying to search with the Chinese keywords below:

Taobao service: 淘宝服务

Wechat service: 微信服务

JD service: 京东服务


Here is what you will find appearing as in the results. A major part of the results is hidden by Baidu.

Wechat results

If you take a look closely at it, you can see that just Baidu ads called ” 推广” which appeared on the search result page.


Wechat service


The new strategy of Baidu?

I think that Baidu is purposely hiding some results and highlights Baidu ads. Of course, you will be able to see more results but Baidu set a reminder:

Baidu reminder

This means that if you choose to scroll down to see more results, you may exposing yourself to some not verified results.

What kind of results Baidu is hiding? All kind of results such as images and even Zhidao Baidu…etc.

How to use it to your advantage?

Years ago, Baidu did the same thing. It is a big opportunity for companies who are planning to launch their PPC ads campaign on Baidu!

If you don’t know how to do it, we will be happy to discuss with you about it.

Here you can find an interesting article about Chinese Baidu as a social network.

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