Bank of China new advertising for its new Dual Currency Credit Card

Bank of China Ad

More visual than conceptual


At the first sight of this poster, one might think that he is in front of an advertisement for  WWF. Actually this is the new display campaign by Bank of China for their new credit card allowing payments both in RMB and Australian dollars (AUD).

This ad first attracts the public attention by the force of its design and imbed the image of their new card silently.




The most eye-catching features in the poster are of course the Panda and the Kangaroo, symbols of China and Australia respectively. The natural landscape and rising sun gives audience a feeling of freshness.

It doesn’t seem to be easy to guess the meaning of the poster, but don’t worry. People can easily find and read the ad up right says: “One card, two currencies !”

Now the message of the ad appears clearly: the Panda symbolizes the Chinese currency (RMB) and the Kangaroo symbolizes the Australian currency (AUD).

The new era heralded by the sunlight that surrounds the two animals is the fact that now the customers of the Bank of China subscribing to this new credit card will be withdraw money  in China and Australia without charges or suffering from a change in the Yuan’s exchange rate. The account will be both in Yuan and Australian dollars.

The target of this advertisement is clearly  Chinese businessmen traveling extensively and Australian expatriates.

This ad shows the deep insight and understanding of the ad company in Chinese consumers. Animals in ads are not only favored by most Chinese people, but also can easily associate the brand with the character of the animal in Chinese people’s mind. In this case, panda and kangroo which are regarded as the most cute and friendly animals by Chinese precisely indicates the essence of service.

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