Chtlitina gets into market places in China



Chtilitina is a famous Taïwanese cosmetics brand which was brought in China by Joanna Pi-Hua Chen, the daughter brand’s founder.

Joanna in Chlitina

The brand gets 680 million of dollars in the cosmetics market whose 90 million concern skincare products’ sales. In 2012, Joanna became the brand’s chairman, and took the opportunity of the Chinese cosmetics market by learning the Chinese consumers’ behavior. Joanna noticed a huge challenge and a real positive issue in the cosmetics market in China. She didn’t wrong. At that time, cosmetics market was not as developed as today.

But now, the Chinese consumers are more and more attracted by cosmetics products. They need to purchase quality and healthy skincare goods.

In order to approach the Chinese market and be effective on it, she decided to invest in trainee of dermatology and create the best cosmetologist’ professional’s team within Chlitina. Then, the brand encourages employees to have a long-term career to be the best. Thanks to this feature, Chlitina succeeded in penetrating the Chinese market and offers quality products to consumers in China.

Today, the brand opened 3 400 stores in China and 200 in Taïwan.

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The middle class’ behaviour and e-commerce



Today, e-marketing occupies a huge place within the Chinese market and takes part of Chinese economy’s growth. Indeed, the brand launched it own e-commerce platform called “Beauty Health and Happiness” and don’t hesitate to pass through social media in order to promote it !

While an economy’s decreasing these last years, the middle class have new consumption’s behaviour regarding luxury and cosmetics products. They want to purchase more quality and healthy goods. In addition, they prefer using e-commerce platform in order to find their favourite products. Then, they need to be adviced and get their community’s minds before buying anything.

Thanks to “Beauty Health and Happiness” platform created on July 2015, Chlitina manages a new digital strategy in order to maintain Chinese consumers’ attractivity.

The brand is developping on various platforms thanks to entertaining apps and especially to it “online Shopping Mall”. The Chlitina’s strategy is expanding and explore different area to improve it effectiveness. The brand increases it products’ visibility among Chinese consumers.

Chlitina is not the first to explore the Chinese e-commerce’s opportunities. Indeed, some other companies overseas penetrated China’s market more easily pass through social medias or e-retailers such as Sephora which signed up a partnership with Therefore, the Chlitina’s particularity is this is the first foreign and domestic company.


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Digital marketing

digital marketing

E-marketing is the new way for companies overseas to get into the Chinese market. However, brands need to learn more about this special market in order to approach Chinese consumers which have different expectations compared to the rest of the world.

That’s why, our Marketing Agency exists. Indeed, we help new companies to know China’s tricks, Chinese social medias, the most of famous platforms and the search engine Baidu. We advice them so that they increase their e-reputation, succeed in engaging their target and attracting Chinese consumers or they create a community management around their brand.


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