With 1 billion monthly active users, Wechat is China’s most important app. More than A Chat App, Wechat is also a wallet(Wechat pay) and much more. Despite the tremendous amount of users, brands have not been using Wechat as a resource to reach a wide audience but rather use it as tool-kit: communication, customer service, loyalty, e-commerce. This app is a must for a marketer but to success, there are some simple practices to follows. Here is a quick list of the things you should do to optimize your wechat.

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Use Official Accounts

We strongly suggest you use a Official account. Why? Individuals can follow official brand accounts by either getting a member of their Wechat network to share their account or scanning a QR Code. Better visibility, better credibility.
High-quality creative content is key to attract audience. The official account allows a brand to post rich media content including audio messages, videos, photos and text to followers of their Wechat stream, which bring us to our next point.

Create valuable and emotionally appealing content

As a corporate account user, you are allowing to publish content only once a day. Knowing this, you’ll have to carefully choose, what content are you going to use but also calculate what is the optimal time of the day to reach your audience without being disruptive.
Your content should be useful and consistently good. There are 5 types of content you can use:

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Text+Visual (an editorial-like small article)
  • Video.

Recent research shows that 49% of the Wechat users would share an article on Wechat if they believe it’s useful. Nothing is more powerful than P2P sharing among social groups. Keep in minds that people’s attention span is quite short and they can get bored easily, therefore, you have to create content that is interesting and educational in order to keep them hooked.
It appears that video posts are the last trends. They are visual and entertaining. Industry such as fashion and beauty should especially go for it.
In order to optimize your results, your post should include one of the following “activities”: Delivering e-coupon, issuing virtual VIP card, Sending promotional offer notification, which you can achieve by using the membership function.













Wechat allows you a “one to one” communication which makes it a great CRM tool, it would be foolish not to make the best out of it. It’s the best way to increase the customer loyalty and relationship management.

Use Membership Functions to Convert Followers

With Wechat membership functions you can convert your followers into members. Keep your members interested with loyalty programs. This also allows you to get valuable information as a member can use their geo-localized membership cards to pair up with users by their Wechat ID or phone number. This is perfect for creating a more custom marketing content that will reach your audience more efficiently.
There are three typical ways to apply WeChat into your marketing activities:

  • Issuing a virtual VIP card
  • Sending promotional offer notifications
  • Delivering  e-coupons.

Use the messaging to make your members feel important


It seems obvious but offering an enjoyable experience to the customer is one of the key element of your success in China. With wechat and its one to one communication, you can provide the customer the feeling to be the sole focus, to be important – meaning you care about them.
Make sure to have a greeting message to the new joiner and be pro-active. Now, you are not going to answers your follower one by one but wechat gives you the possibility to sets prescribed answers. You can define responses that co-relate to various keywords and there are no limits to the number of keywords. You also have the possibility to use visual and audio content.  If you have a website, let your customer know about it.

Get feedback

Not only you can share about your brand and make the customers feel unique and unforgeattable but it is also an amazing tool to get users feedback. It is always good to have access to a direct feedback from your audience, listen and adapt your product/strategy according to their comments.

QR Promote yourself on and offline

QR codes are an imortantpart of the daily life in China and it is an excellent way to get new followers, display it just about everywhere: card, pamphlet, or poster in your physical store, website, weibo, linkedin etc. If you do delivery, add your QR code on your packaging.
It is important to give a reason to your customers to scan your QR code, it often takes the form of an instant rewards: top up promotion for a purchase, discounts, lucky draws or a free WiFi pass code
Wechat automatically creates a QR code for each official account, along with an inbuilt QR code scanner so no worries about it. You can also customize and personalize the QR codes that match your branding perfectly. Get creative!

Wechat Mini Programs

In 2017 Tencent has released “mini-programs” which is an app within the app with a variety of purpose from entertainment, to news to retail. It basicaly enables brands to set up a full mini website to complete their brand experience. Each days about 20 000 mini programs  are uploaded and competing for the attention of more than one billion daily active users on the WeChat app. The interest for this mini programs never ceases to grow.

Here is 5 Tips for your mini program:

  • Aesthetic need to be topnotch, that is the first thing your potential customer will see and this is where they will decide to click or to leave.
    Think Multi-Channel. You have a physical store? Display your location and draw your online customer directly to you.
  • Use the mini programs as a CRM, remember => customer is always first.
    Be social, that is the core of wechat. Let your customers interact with their friends via your mini program.
  • Entertain your customer, be smart about it. myTheresa for instance has created a mini game where customer needs to recognize a brand with their logo-Fun but also an excellent way to advertise the brand they are selling on their website.

Launch diverses campaigns

Ads campaigns can be great to increase your brand awareness. With campaigns get creative to get your target attention For instance invite peoples to voting, games, and quizzes. It should be attractive, entertaining and rewarding. Remember, creative campaigns can always attract followers to your accounts.

It is now possible to have ads and There are 3 types of Wechat advertising:

  1. Wechat Banner Advertisements
  2. Wechat Moments Advertisementswechat-ads-moments
  3. Key Opinion Leader(KOL) Promotion

Campaigns Wechat

Banners Advertising on WeChat rather classics and comparable to other website ads. The good things are that it is performance-based pricing and it is easier to link users to your website. It is rather pricey.

A Moments Ad allows advertisers to advertise within the Moments section, which is comparable to Facebook’s Newsfeed. It is worth noticing that Wechat Moments advertisement offers an easier and more affordable way to advertise on the app.

WeChat KOL promotions

WeChat KOLs (key opinion leaders) are popular accounts that already have a large number of subscribers. Brands can search KOLs on Wechat or through marketing agencies. Key Opinion Leaders are powerful influencers on Chinese social media platforms, including Wechat and will create great content for you brand as well as credibility.
Here is 2 types of campaigns:

  1. Product Placement: They are the most common way to promote with WeChat KOLs. Your product will be featured in an article written by the influencer you are partnering with.
    Product Reviews: This practice is great for your e-reputation. As many wechat Kols are expert they will provide many informative comments to potential customer helping them to take the final decision to convert or not. These campaigns are often paired with a give a way to increase engagement and shares.

KOL social Media Chinese

There is many way to set your Wechat account for success. Some practices are rather easy to apply while other requires some skills and ressources. Follow your competitors wechat pages to get insights.

Wechat Solution marketing Agency China

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