The boom of China’s online education market

Revenue of online education market in China reached 84 billion Yuan in 2013, with a 19.9%-growth from 2012, according to the 2013-2014 China Online Education Report released by iResearch.

The huge potential of China’s online education market

The three major engines are as follows: elementary online education, online vocational training and online higher education. Higher education’s share has been declining slightly but keeps booming.

In the whole market, online higher education’s share has been declining gently though it keeps booming. Online education industry is expected to keep a stable growth thanks to new parties such as content producer, technology provider and platform builder which are gradually stepping into this market, as well as the developing of users’ habit. Online vocational education and language learning will especially contribute more to online education market thanks to their users’ strong demand and high consumption power.


The rise of online education users

According to iResearch data, online education users reached 67.2 million in China, with a 13.8%-growth from 2013.

Thanks to the growth of web surfers and forming of online learning habit, the online education user number is expected to reach 1.2 billion by 2017.

On one hand, the steady increasing of Chinese web surfers provides a foundation and sufficient development space for the fast growth of online education users. On the other hand, domestic online education products are developing very fast, innovative means of study online are coming into market and offering users diversified experiences, which draws more users into their product in return.



Decrease in online higher education and slack in preschool education

Although it has decreased slightly in the whole market, online higher education’s share still accounts for 50% as the biggest branch. Vocational training and language learning continue to grow, respectively making up 21.1% and 18.7%. The proportion of start-ups foster elementary education coming into the market is climbing in these years, while the preschool education branch remains low and only occupies 0.2% despite the most investment into it.



Firstly, the State Council has canceled or passed-down the right of approval on online educated high-degree, which generates development of this market. However, for lower public recognition of online higher education, iResearch estimates that the online education users will not register an explosive growth but rather a slight decrease. Secondly, there is a great demand for online vocational training and online higher education, thus their market will keep booming. Besides, the preschool and elementary online education will need further cultivation, on account to the distinguished features of user groups. Capitals and startups pay particular attention to them, but their earning cycle may be long than expected.

It is necessary to control visibility on the Internet to develop online education business. This means to know how to promote the website on the Internet, how to increase its visibility, how to attract potentiel customers, by using SEO (Search Engine Optimisaton), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Public Relations and Community Manager.



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