Brad Pitt’s Mysterious Join of  Sina Weibo


Hollywood star Brad Pitt opened his personal weibo account around 12 am, Jan 7th. His first tweet is “it is the truth. Yup, I’m coming”. This tweet has easily been shared by over 20 thousand times in the first two hours. And he also got over 120 thousand fans after 6 hours. However, his first tweet was deleted on the second day.

The weibo account of Brad Pitt's

What’s more, other Chinese cyber-celebrities like Ning Cai Shen and Nan Pai San Shu also react with Brad Pitt’s Weibo. Ning Cai Shen commented that “how’s your wife?”

Brad Pitt's weibo on news

news about Brad Pitt’s Weibo Account

Besides Chinese celebrities, major news and portals also such as Sina News, the most influential portal in China, and Renmin the China official agency, also report the establishment of Brad’s Weibo account. However, none of those news or portals says one word about the deletion of his tweet.

But we can find some possible reasons from his fans:


analysis from brad pitt's fans

Maybe his tweet was deleted because of “the event” (he probably refers to the Tibet seven years.)

analysis from brad pitt's fans on weibo

I guess it’s because he says, “I’m coming”, but “something” (usually refers to the government) thinks he wants to come to China, then it’s deleted by the “something”.

analysis of brad pitt's fans


It should be the person who pretends to be brad deleted this tweet because he’s afraid of the consequence.