Branding advertsing agency in China

In China, the company’s brand in very important. If you live
in Shanghai, a typical day is : your drink a cup of Starry Hope at
Starbuck, you check you e-mails on your Samsung before going to your office in
your BMW. And after work, you drink a fresh bottle of Budweiser.

How do we help you to advertise your brand in China?

Choice of channels

Branding in China goes through different channels. These are very little seen unused in the West.

.Complete strategy

For rapid and effective development, social networks are sometimes not enough. We have many contacts to help you.

Our expertise

We have worked with many companies. Whatever your industry, we know it


Results analysis

Every month, we provide you with an analysis of your company’s results in order to make your strategy as efficient as possible.

Branding Advertising Agency in China

Actually, when in Europe these brands are common and don’t really evoke something special, in China, they are everything.

Coming to China with a known brand makes the tings more easy, but in Chinese, it’s more difficult because of three default language, different dialects, make the brand famous is not an easy task.

Choosing its brand and make it popular and then diffuse it in Chine is a key of success of a company but also a difficult challenge.


This process is important and is done through the State Administration for Industry and Commerce that studies the papers and do an examination with researches that can succeed to a success or a fail. It’s very important to do it before officially deposing the brand.

Visual designs

The visuals choice, and logos is very important. This choice needs to be relevant, coherent and clever because it needs to represent the brands identity.

Then, depending on the identity that we want to give to our brand, we can choose relevant colors, relevant logo, a Hard-hitting slogan, images that arouse the emotion with potential customers or also choosing some persons who look like the target to identify.

cy can help you promote your restaurant on the platforms

Market survey

Another important point is the strategy positioning. It’s important for a company to study the market to get the perfect positioning strategy.

First of all, choosing the target according to the geographical position, the age, the professional category or the gender.

Then, the company need to aske itself a question: who to target efficiently customers and how.

After that, the company have to establish its strategy depending on results and always adapt because the customers need always change.


Frequently Asked Question about Branding advertising in China

What is the tools to advertise my brand?

Our agency if before all, an advertising agency, and its ways of communication are specific:

  • Digital ads banners on the online portals and in the web in general that will allow to send a message and attract customers
  •  Videos are a very good communication way and hitting, a video is better than 1000 pictures, and it is proven by many studies, the video promotion is one of the best ways to communicate for a company.
  • The storytelling because Chinese love the beautiful stories and it’s a useful practice in its communication campaign. Companies need to sensitize customers to the brand and to its values through a story they can easily identify to.
  • The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important and more especially on Baidu in China. Actually, being referenced of Baidu is pretty more difficult than on Google, because in China all the standards are different than in western countries. Then, companies need to adapt to be on top of results when a netizen is looking for key words in link with the company’s activity.
  • In western countries or in China, social medias have taken a very important place in our everyday life but also more and more in companies’ development strategy.

Do social networks ensure success?

Using social medias in not automatically a security of success, and as all marketing weapons, it needs to be mastered to be more efficient.

So, it’s not long enough to use social medias, it’s important to build a social media strategy with an editorial line and a brand image that we want to build and promote, and that needs to be coherent with the hoped objectives to success in its integration and development on social medias and in the market.

In our agency, our goal is to use these social medias efficiently to build a strong brand image thanks to a social branding strategy and to improving and keeping its reputation. We talk about e-reputation.

What is e-reputation in China?

Let people know about a company’s website is the first step. If Chinese people get interested in the the offer, they will probably search online for more information, and if they can see positive information about the company’s products especially from some persuasive websites, it will be very useful for its website to win their trust. The purpose of reputation SEO is to help a company to have a very good reputation so that when Chinese people search key words in link with the company’s activity, they will only find positive news.