The trends of real estate marketing in China


BMW touching contest

June 1, after 87-hour-touching on a BMW car, Song won this contest and his prize: 5-year use of the car. This promotion compaign is from Tianlai(a Chinese real estate developer).

However, comments on blogs or forums show that most poeple are annoyed by this game. Some angry people call this “pervert behavior”, “sadism”, “farce”… Even the winner, Song, told journalist that he would not do the same thing again even for 5 million cash, then her sister carried her exhausted brother away on her back.

It may not be so successful for reputation, but the contest in Chengdu attracted 120 contestants and countless visitors. After its spread on internet, the real estate developer gets attention from not only media, but also potential customers.

fashion show

Tianlai is not the starter of this, Nanhu launched a fashion show one week before them. As introduced by the organizer, the purpose of this show is to link the beauty of ladies and beauty of their flat together. Again, considerable visitors were attracted to come to see the show.

selective trial

Lvdi Group is the most active player this year. So far, they have already arranged two activities: little Picasso and Flower fairy selective trials.

The organizer explains that their purpose is to promote the culture of the company for local people’s better life.


From BMW touching contest to little Picasso, Chinese real estate developers try their best to be eyecatching. One reason is the government control on real estate industry limit the growth of real estate industry. So all the players in this field put popularity as their priority in marketing. And the cases above basically represent the trend of today’s marketing in China real estate: event marketing, fashion marketing and CSR marketing.

If check the result on google, we can see

  • 4,550,000 results for the BMW touching contest
  • 37,400 results for the fashion show
  • 13,600 results for the flower fairy selective trial.

Clearly, “BMW touching contest” gains way more attention than the others.

Another point to be noticed is the costof BMW touching contest is like nothing compared with the other two.

In terms of popularity, event marketing wins in this case.

Event marketing could be sponsored by the company or could not be sponsored, but the most common way is to sponsor the event and to take every opportunity to promote the name and product of the sponsoring company.

The reason why event marketing has become so popular is that it allows the company to directly promote their product to people who are likely to be interested in it and it also provides an occasion for them to be seen in the public eye, which can draw even more potential customers to them.  (Source: Kentent)


In this case, it also shows that direct consumer interaction is important in event marketing which allows the company to promote their communication goals at the same time.

Not only in real estate industry, in other fields, event marketing also works.

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