Public interest ad: influential and trendy


Public interest ads now have become a trend in China.

A public-interest ad about ozone protection is shortlisted for China International Advertising Festival, the most influential ad activity in China.

Brilliant idea

As shown in the post, the back of T-shirt is designed as a partly burnt shirt. In the burnt part which is painted with flesh color, a sentence is written as “Skin is burnt as soon as the ozone disappears” and “the size of the hole in ozone layer has overwhelmed the size of Europe, the protection is of no delay.”
The maker of the ad, China Environmental Protection Foundation, explains that the mission of this ad is to let people be conscious of the ozone protection. Their major difficulty is that ozone is miles away above on the Antarctic which is too far to link that with them. The shirt seeming partly burnt links people’s direct feeling with an environmental issue which is miles away above. It let people feel that without the protection of the ozone layer, the strong ultraviolet radiation will burn their skin like that on the post.
Brilliant ad it is. The idea and the final work are both great.

Deep influence

Another point to notice is that the company who sponsor the prize for public-interest ad is “MaoTai”. It is always branded as luxury liquor in China. According to wiki, It is one of China’s official state banquet wines and claims to be one of the world’s three best known liquors (together with whisky and cognac) and is therefore presented to all official guests of state. Maotai current sells over 200 tons of Maotai to over 100 countries and regions across the world.

by Shi Yu

The sponsorship from a luxury liquor brand shows that public-interest ad is so popular now in China business field that those companies even “Maotai” which is often regarded as an expansive but not healthy liquor would like to spend money on that.

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