What kind of clothing do Chinese girls from north like?

Most clothing producers have opened their online stores to develop this 32.2 billlion USD market. However, they have met some problems undermine their efforts. One of the problems is something sells well in Shanghai doesn’t sell in Beijing. It is because the customers from these two cities have quite different taste.

Fast developing market

In the same time, e-commerce has expanded to 75.5 billion USD in 2011 and it’s still growing at a surprising rate, at 25.8%. Clothing business via E-commerce has reached 32.2 billion USD in 2011 and it will increase to 80.7 billion USD in 3 years, the Research Report on Chinese Netizens’ Behavior in E-commerce says.

e-commerce 08-14

china e-commerce market size from 2008-2014

Regional Difference

Most clothing producers, big or small, local or foreign, have discovered this and set their online shops. However, they don’t go very smooth. Some of them are obessed with the problem of regional difference of China. According to a survey from EUI, those companies divide China market into 4 or more sub-markets get much higher chance to develop their business than those who only dived it into 1 or 2.

Good news is, a report published by Taobao (Taobao Marketplace is a Chinese language web site for online shopping, similar to eBay and Amazon, operated by Alibaba Group. source:wiki shows the great diversity of Chinese girls’ buying habit. It shows the great difference between the taste of girls from each provinces in China. And in this article, you will see the taste of girls from the north of China.

Compared with girls from south, girls from north of China are more stronger in shape and more dashing in style. North of China is much dryer than south and people in the north of China usually enjoy more sunshine. As a result, flashy and dashing style clothing is more popular here.

Beijing girls

beijing girls dress online

As the biggest city in north and captial of China, Beijing style leads the fashion of north of China. Jing Niu’er (nickname for Beijing girls) like more gentle and dashing style. Simple, V-collar, long skirts are favored by them.

Haerbin Girls

haerbin girls dress

Close to Russia, Haerbin girls are famous for their exotic style and admiring height. Girls from Haerbin prefer simple V-collar shirt, together with casual plus a little sports style jeans. It makes them seem dashing and forthright.

Tianjin girls

tianjin girls dress

Neighboring Beijing, Tianjing Xiao’nv’er (nickname for Tianjin girls) has a quite different style. Fresh Tianjin girls like short blouses with patch or flower patterns.

Shenyang girls

shenyang girls dress

As the biggest city in North-east of China, Shenyang is not so fashion. Shenyang girls like expansion skirts in pure color. Gorgeous skirts are their favorite. They are much more fond of casual wedding dress than other girls.

Changchun girls

changchun girls dress

Although not so advanced in economy, Changchun is quite fashion. In Changchun, girls like to dress elegant blouse to show their elegance, fashion. Office-lady style is most popular style in Changchun girls.

Urumqi girls

urumqi girls dress

Urumqi is well-know in China for its enthic minority Uighur style, similar to Turkish style. And Urumqi girls like ethnic high waist long skirt.

Hohhot girls

hohhot girls dress

Most people in Hohhot are Mongolians, so their dressing style is also mixed with nomadism inside. Hohhot girls are real fans of dashing jumpsuit. Simple appearance but fashion. They are real queen-style lovers.

Shijiazhuang girls

shijiazhuang girls dress

Shijiazhuang is greatly influenced by Beijing. Shijiazhuang girls like simple and a little butt-wrapping skirts. Their style is simple but not conservative.

Lanzhou girls

lanzhou girls dress
Lanzhou is not only famous for its noodles, but also for its generous girls. As frank girls, Lanzhou girls are also feminine. They are dashing but also considerate. What they like is delicate blouse with embroid.

Xining girls

xining girls dress

Xining is on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Unlike Lhasa, Xining is not a tourism city and it’s an underdeveloped city. Xining girls like single-color gauze skirt, light-color and simple. This reflect their simple but also tender personality.

Xian girls

xian girls dress

Living in the city with rich historic culture, Xian girls are also straight and fashion. They like denim dress very much. Simple and dashing is their style.

Zhengzhou girls

zhengzhou girls dress

Zhengzhou is the capital of the No.1 province in popular, Henan. It Zhengzhou girls like high-waist dungaree skirts which makes them No.1 in the most masculine taste contest.

Jinan girls

jinan girls dress

As the capital of the second financial strongest province, Jinan also has strong influence in fashion. Fluffy skirt with a tight coat are Jinan Gui’nv (nickname for Jinan girls) favorite. In fact, they are already tall so this make them more modern girl like.

Taiyuan girls

taiyuan girls dress

As a typical city in north of China, Taiyuan is dry and sunny. People here are also typical north people, dashing and straight.  Gradient skirt and short T-shirt plus little short pant makes Taiyuan girls look more genteel.

Yinchuan girls

yinchuan girls dress

Most people in Yinchuan are Hui people who believe in Muslim. In Yinchuan, girls are like little Bohemian skirts, especially in summer.

(Source: taobao)