What kind of clothing do Chinese girls from south like?


Most clothing producers have opened their online stores to develop this 32.2 billlion USD market. However, they have met some problems undermine their efforts. One of the problems is something sells well in Shanghai doesn’t sell in Beijing. It is because the customers from these two cities have quite different taste.

Fast developing market

In the same time, e-commerce has expanded to 75.5 billion USD in 2011 and it’s still growing at a surprising rate, at 25.8%. Clothing business via E-commerce has reached 32.2 billion USD in 2011 and it will increase to 80.7 billion USD in 3 years, the Research Report on Chinese Netizens’ Behavior in E-commerce says.

e-commerce 08-14

china e-commerce market size from 2008-2014

Regional Difference

Most clothing producers, big or small, local or foreign, have discovered this and set their online shops. However, they don’t go very smooth. Some of them are obessed with the problem of  regional difference of China. According to a survey from EUI, those companies divide China market into 4 or more sub-markets get much higher chance to develop their business than those who only dived it into 1 or 2.

Good news is, Taobao (Taobao Marketplace is a Chinese language web site for online shopping, similar to eBay and Amazon, operated by Alibaba Group. source:wiki) recently released their report on diversity of Chinese girls’ buying habit. It shows the great difference between the taste of girls from each provinces in China. And in this article, you will see the taste of girls from different place in South of China.

Compared with girls from north, girls from south of China are more slimmer in shape but fashion and delicate in style. South of China is much more humid than north and people in the south of China usually get less sunshine. As a result, delicate and fashion style clothing is more popular here.

Hongkong girls

hongkong girls dress

Hongkong is the most westernized city in China and now with the spread of its films and TV programs, Hongkong style has influenced most young people in China mainland. So the style of Hongkong dressing is also one of the most influential style in China. Hongkong girls are fond of refreshing camisole with shivering and slim design. A cute hat is also popular.

Guangzhou girls

guangzhou girls dress

Only 120 kilometers away from Hongkong, Guangzhou is another style. Guangzhou Liang’nv (nickname for Guangzhou girls) prefer much street style, such as casual, loose T-shirt with leisure pants. Compared with girls from other place, they are more casual and fashion.

 Tapei girls

taipei girls dress

Like Hongkong, Taipei influences mainland style and fashion a lot by their films and TV programs. Tai Mei (nickname for Taipei girls) like skirts but more sexy. Off-shoulder, dress-like, S-design make them look wild.

Shanghai girls

shanghai girls dress

As the most fashionable city in China mainland, Shanghai is the leader of the fashion. Delicate, elegant chiffonskirts are Shanghai Nvning (nickname for Shanghai girls) favorite. And they also like decorations and higher requirement on accessories. So they like more romantic style.

Hangzhou girls

hangzhou girls dress

Hangzhou Gunianger (nickname for Hangzhou girls) are quite influenced by Shanghai girls. They like pure and princess-like lace skrits. Compared with other girls, the girls in Hangzhou are more likely to buy sweet, bubble-sleeve or flouncing skirt.

Nanjing girls

nanjing girls dress

Like Hangzhou, Nanjing is also influenced a lot by Shanghai. And chiffon shirt with easy jean are the taste of Nanjing girls and it makes them look more literary.

Wuhan girls

wuhan girls dress

Wuhan represents the center of China. Four million Wuhan Guniang Ya (the girls in Wuhan are called Ya in its dialect) are famous for their smartness and they are the fans of expansion long skirt with sequined flower design. They are more delicate, environment-friendly.

Chengdu girls

chengdu girls dress

Chengdu Chuan Mei’er (nickname for Sichuan girls) with Chongqing girls are a special group of girls who like eating hot, spicy food. But girls from Chengdu prefer more mature , genteel and ladylike clothings, especially those tight clothings that perfectly shows the curve of women.

Chongqing girls

chongqing girls dress

On the contrary Chongqing Mei’er (nickname for Chongqing girls) not only eat hot and spicy but also dress hot.  They are likely to buy more sexy clothes than others. Deep-V, mini-skirt, bodysuit and bright clothes are familiar to Chongqing girls. Sexy and wild is the keywords for them.

Fuzhou girls

fuzhou girls dress

With the development of tourism, sweet Fuzhou style is becoming more and more influential. Fuzhou girls are more open and they like dotted chiffon shirt. They like the easy match of upper and lower clothes.

Guiyang girls

guiyang girls dress

Living in a city full of hills and mountains, GuiYang Nv’sheng (student girls) are lively and outgoing. They like simple cardigan with simple pant as their personality is.

Kunming girls

kunming girls dress

As one of the most famous tourism desination for Chinese, Kunming is famous for its nick name “city of flowers”. So the girls here also like shivering, high-waist, simple long skirt makes them more ethnic and look like flowers.

Nanchang girls

nanchang girls dress

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, Nanchang is quite exclusive from others. So is the dress style of Nanchang Nv’zai’zi (nickname for Nanchang girls). They like more student like clothes such as doll-color with skirt with accordion pleats.

Hefei girls

hefei girls dress

Like Nanjing, Hefei is also influenced by Shanghai a lot but it is a little behind Nanjing. Hefei girls are dashing but also delicate. They like loose T-shirt.

Nanning girls

nanning girls dress

Nanning is  still underdevelopment and Nanning Ni’di (nickname for Nanning girls) prefer short-sleeve mosaic dress in candy color makes them cute from simplicity.

Lhasa girls

lhasa girls dress

Living in a tourism city on the highest plateau of the world, Lhasa girls like simple skirts but still fashion.

Changsha girls

changsha girls dress

Changsha people are fomous for their dashing personality. Changsha Mei’zhi (nickname for Sichuan girls) like young, sports clothes most. Simple T-shirt with fashion shorts are the most popular match in Changsha. Their style is saucy and cute.

Haikou girls

haikou girls dress

Living in a tropical tourism city, Haikou girls are fond of ocean color simple clothes and cropped trousers are their first choice.

(source: taobao)