Buzz agency in China

As an efficient way for increasing brand awareness and
improving brand image, buzz (marketing viral) has been adopted for promotion of
brands, products, stars and companies.

How do we help to make buzz in China?

Making viral campaign

Catch attention from both consumers and media quickly and broadly


Quality content

Lead consumers in unconscious way by the overwhelming sensation

Brand-image building

We help you to build your brand image.

High cost-efficiency

We offer good value for money.

Clear target

There are different ways to make a buzz and the results of them are also different, so you need to have a clear target on what you really want to get from this buzz. For example, the buzz for increasing the popularity of a brand and a buzz for improving brand image take very different strategies.

We know the techniques to make it happen, the right people to contact and especially the time in which messages should be broadcast. Our agency can create you the communication plan adapted to this type of marketing campaign.

Precise positioning on consumers

Different groups of people will go to different places online for information. Even on the same website, they will go to different sections according to their interest.

Different buzz contents are also proved to different impact on different groups of people. For example, videos are more appealing for young people.

Crisis prevention

It can never be too serious to prepare the possible crisis for buzz. There are many stories about how companies, big or small, foreign or local suffer from the IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth) crisis. And a precaution plan is the best solution against the problem.

Post-campaign management

Our team can help you manage the marketing and communication of your company even after the Viral Marketing campaign. We have already worked on this type of project and we are making sure that the company keeps its good reputation and its presence on the Chinese web even after viral marketing.

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Frequently Asked Question about buzz in China

What is Viral Marketing?

Whatever method is used, Viral Marketing is about getting the right message, at the right time, to the right people and on the right channels of discussion. This may seem quite complex but our agency has the experience and according to your products, will answer all these problems.

How to generate the avalanche?

  • Create idea
  • Prepare the content (video, photo, story, debate..)
  • Select platforms
  • Make reaction for the reputation crisis may happen
  • Diffuse the content on targeted place online

Is Viral Marketing reserved for large groups?

Not at all, any brand can undertake a viral marketing campaign. The Chinese love the novelty, so the new brands have all their chances. In addition, viral marketing is not just about companies. We do also personal branding.

Is there a big risk of “Bad Buzz”?

No, the bad buzz happens either in case of poor quality product or a disrespect of the Chinese and their culture during the campaign. Our agency knows the rules and customs to respect, your brand will not be subject to bad buzz. The criteria of bad buzz are not the same in China as in the West.

 Classic Marketing Campaign or Viral?

It all depends on what you are looking for. The classic marketing campaigns can be sometimes slow but end up paying off. Viral marketing campaigns promise a short-term outcome that will have to be maintained. If you hesitate between the two types of campaign, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss!