Buzz Marketing Agency expert in “China”


Viral communication is a great marketing solution that Gentleman Marketing Agency offers in forms of either online or combination of offline and online.

Buzz marketing is a fast and impressive solution to inform your targets of your products or service and get feedback from them.


Buzz Marketing in China

In China, buzz is an effective technique with high Return on Investment (ROI) because you can reach an extensive part of the population.

The key for buzz marketing is to find original content to impress Chinese Internet users and lead them interact.

The main difficulty is to create content which is able to catch the attention from Chinese Internet users. Then release it on the selected platforms on the Chinese Internet.


Here is our methodology


  1. We help you in defining your targets
  2. We create a viral marketing strategy, based on “Creative Ideas”
  3. We design a Buzz, as videos, photos, application, QR code or story
  4. We take care of the execution and management of the Buzz
  5. We give advice for the KPI

Buzz Marketing China

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