China approval of Cameroon as a touristic destination


The Cameroon is now a tourist destination “approved” by China. But “Africa in miniature” needs to improve its infrastructure if it is to become indispensable.
“Chinese tourists do not go everywhere. We need the country that hosts them is declared by the Chinese government as an “approved destination”. The Cameroon has signed this Memorandum of Understanding as part of the quota restricted countries [with Egypt, Kenya and South Africa, approved by the Chinese government for its tourists travelling in groups. ” Today Cameroon is building more than ever its tourism for this new opportunity with China.


Tourist sites

“We have identified more than 830 sites. It goes from beach tourism to religious tourism, through the trek. If the government desires to develop the sector materializes, tourism can do more than oil, industry, etc. For it is an inexhaustible and job “commodity”. Cameroon also has 7 projects Development of eco-attractions; some of them are to buy canoes and the buildings of bungalow and also the construction of Falls and Lake Tison Tello in Adamawa.


It is a certainty that the country is full of sites so as to be the envy of the traditional sub-Saharan African destinations such as Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal. Tourism is also identified by the authorities and donors as “growth industry” and the World Bank provided a loan in Yaounde 15 billion CFA francs (23 million euros), especially for developing ecotourism around Mount Cameroon and western kingdoms.

Travel advices

Major cities in Cameroon are not the safest places in the world but not very dangerous either. Some areas are strongly discouraged to enter for tourists. Nevertheless, very popular and comfortable hotels are available locally. Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain information on updated safety tips.

Life for tourists

Chinese will easily find themselves living freely and happily in Cameroon as many of them are already doing there. Food restaurants and hotels are available and for every class of tourists. For climate, it is almost agreeable but tourism is not really appreciated in rainy time. Tourist life will soon be better in the country with the mondial bank contribution to improve Cameroon’s tourist areas. Chinese restaurants and groups are too famous in major cities so Chinese tourists may not lose themselves because of language.

How to attract Chinese using digital marketing?

Once Cameroon is ready to welcome Chinese tourists, one more step must be taken : promoting the destination in order to increase its renown as good and safe destination for Chinese travellers.

In order to do so, the country must increase its e-reputation via the use of a wide range of on line media and digital marketing methods.

Website :

Chinese tourists have an appetite for everything that is on-line, as such they will always check the website of the tourist destination they plan on going to or the brand they plan to buy the goods of. Here, for Cameroon designing a website located in China, fully translated in simplified Chinese, matching what the Chinese netizen are familiar with in term of design is a good first step.


Once you have the website you have to have it ranking and indexed on the Chinese Search Engine, Baidu. In order for this website to rank well you need to launch a SEO marketing campaign whose goal will be to have it rank within the first result page or even the very first natural result

Social media :

Sharing good opinion will also be essential to attract more new customers into coming to Cameroon. Chinese people like sharing their experience and trust more other users than official brands and websites. This comes from the unreliability of the information coming from the official Chinese media relaying the official position of the Chinese government.

Online PR

Publishing content on a wide variety of blogs and online journals will give the destination more credit supported by the online journals reputation.

Interested to know more methods to attract Chinese tourists?

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