If you want to read advanceed Marketing strategy, and learn about a really big advertising campaign, you should read this article about Lyfen a Chinese Brand that sell million online in China.



Who never dreamed of launching its own company? Or maybe getting a new job and become the new prodigy of the company. The one who’s going to change everything. The new star who’s going to get its coffee ready even before entering the office. In term of success story, we’ll tell you more about the Lyfen case. This seafood snack company who broke all the records in China. A story that makes you understand that a simple decision can change everything.

1.    Everything is about leverage

When starting a new project, we understand two things: either we can do things by ourselves, either we’ll need some help.

Lyfen is a Chinese company specialized in the distribution of seafood snacks and is already settled in the market. A market evaluated over trillion Yuan… but also a competitive market that experienced a tremendous growth of 422% between 2002 and 2016. But like any company willing to drag some new market share, Lyfen was in need of new solutions to develop its business.

And what better solution than developing its client’s portfolio? Let’s do some marketing, maybe networking, lets put some discounts here and there… When doing arts, you can choose to make a draft and play it cool, having fun. Or you can target success, and prepare yourself for a real paint on 2x3m toil ready to be exposed. Well, in business it’s the same. If you’re not sure on how to perform and using the best strategy which will bring you the success you need, you can call on experts. An outsider that will make you save both: time and money.

That’s what Lyfen did when contacting GMA.

From now, I’m sure that many ideas come to your mind. But tell me, are you afraid? Maybe you don’t dare to contact advisers thinking they’re overpriced? Maybe you think that delegating is risky and you’ll better do it yourself?

Unfortunately, we can’t find a magic formula for success but there’s one thing sure. Don’t stop believe in! (Yes, like in the music). Don’t stop believe in your dreams, in your objectives and give you the chance to achieve it.

And here again, that’s what Lyfen did.

A simple mission:

“Develop my market shares and turnover”. That’s all we need.

Starting there, we developed a new concept. A mediatic buzz. The needed one to change the market trend. A 1-million-dollar solution! (charged much cheaper…)

Digital Marketing Expert on the Chinese market, we decided to rebrand the company based on the “souvenirs” of an entire generation.

Our mass destruction weapon: creativity.

To do so, we changed the entire product while creating a new packaging under the sign of the dragon.

Creative genius or maybe just professional marketing, we decided to make the brand going from the snack industry to the gifts one.

Imagine turning crisps into the new item that will suit all your friends. That’s a hard bet yeah? Especially considering that 80% of people receiving gifts in China are women. Not your friend Bryan, but WOMEN. And which woman won’t be super happy to receive shrimps’ crisps in a box? The perfect gift, right? Very few tried, none succeed.

None but us.


2.    Find solutions to any problems you encounter.

In our company we love challenge. Anytime someone is facing a difficult situation, we celebrate it. Something like “Chef, we don’t know how to do that… Champagne!”

When you reach a certain level, you understand that any challenge you face is a new opportunity to grow. And we’ll show you exactly how.

Finding a way to sell you shrimps crisps as the new hype gift is a real challenge.

But do you remember while being a kid, when you were staring at this wonderful biscuit jar? Your favorite one. And when you were living a real adventure just to put a hand on it? This glorifying moment when reaching it. Until the moment where you realize that your parents already finished all of it and turned it into a sewing box….

The kid’s ultimate deception but parents’ best investment. Yeah! It was delicious and they can use it back to do something else with. It’s awesome.

Following this, adding brainstorming sessions, some design and imagination, we transformed a company offering snacks into a company offering “premium” gourmet snack within a beautiful jewelry box. The art of double use.

This plus a strong digital campaign and work on the brand image and BOOM!

You’d be surprised of all we can get with some talents.


3.    Follow your intuition and trust yourself

The case of a crisps packet transformed into a jewelry box can put a smile on your face. Maybe does it even sounds not realistic?

Well, we’ll notice here that all good preparation leads to good results.

When a golf player is ready to hit the ball, the difference between winning and losing is a matter of millimeters. Touching the ball 2mm at the wrong place can lead to terrible repercussions hundred meters away. Training, preparation, repetition, and control are as many keys as you’ll need to make the difference between a All-In or putting the ball in the nearby lac.

Lyfen trusted us and still thanks us today.


4.    Showtime!

Lets talk about the campaign’s result now.

  • Mastering branding and digital marketing in China, it’s 10 million RMB turnover in 1 weeks after launching the product.
  • Mastering cultural codes and the Chinese environment, it’s 20 million RMB turnover in 1 month.
  • We attracted over 200,000 new clients.
  • Over 3000 limited edition products sold out in a day.
  • A sales increase close to +1000%.
  • Close to 4 million views on Weibo.
  • Over 4 million views for our video campaign.
  • A ROI of +500%


And more than a successful mediatic campaign, we got a satisfied client.

Your success matters, don’t neglect it.

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