Weibo Case Study on Nokia N8 Release Buzz

The effect of the release

On august 25, 2011, Nokia released its new cell phone N8 and put it live on weibo, renren, kaixin001(biggest SNS), youku(China Youtube). On weibo, they got 89034 shares in the first 7 hours and 49277 followers from the buzz.
In terms of popularity, it is a successful buzz. However, it is also a serious PR crisis at the same time.

What happened?

A piece of news from Enet(the most powerful website in China IT industry), which talks about an indecent video mixed in the N8 Release, has suddenly become the No.1 keywords on weibo search and spread widely in other SNS website such as TTmop(most powerful forum) and RenRen(China Facebook).

nokia n8 release porn

Posts on weibo about porn appear during the release spread everywhere.
And then Nokia claimed that they are victims.
It’s worth noting that from 10:40 in the morning when the post appear to 17:18 pm when Sina clarify the facts, Nokia has done nothing to react to the rumor during this 7 hours.

What’s the lesson?

  1. Sina weibo is now the most influential online platform.
  2. Cooperation with different webstie increases the influence.
  3. Information on weibo spread extremely fast.
  4. Even big companies like Sina and Nokia can be defeated by some rumors from unexpected rivals.
  5. No preparation for PR crisis can be a disaster for online campaign.