Censorship can make money in China

In the online PR space, six Chinese companies have been came down by the Beijing police for working with web workers and agents in order to delete content that is available online against cash.

Censorship Agencies it exists in China

The police have arrested more than 10 suspects who were involved in the crime and for having bribed government and non-government workers.

The money involved represents USD 1.63 million (over 10 million Yuan). Deleting content against cash seems to be one of the largest revenue generators in the world of cyber crime today.


The Chinese Internet Police

The Chinese police is very experimented for coming down the criminal perpetrators with new judicial interpretation that have been announced regarding such cases. In the case where a company found negative information about its client, they would sign a deal wherein the information would be removed for a price.

The rates would be finalized according to how difficult it was to remove the content and could range from a few hundreds to couple of thousand Yuan. Several website editors were found to be involved in the IWOM crime and many of them earned lots of money for themselves on a regular basis.

Once, the PR director of IWOM had to remove a video exposure of a villa that was owned by a large company, and he had to pay her 1,500 Yuan to delete the content. Therefore, it seems to be an easy way to make quickly money.

All this has made the Beijing police sit up and take notice of their offenses and issue a crackdown on any such cases that may come up. Indeed, it is a common practice in China to pay a high price to delete content with a profitable negotiation on the price to pay.

Sources: China Internet Watch


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