With a 70 cents exchange rate with China, Australia’s tourism sector shows a record 693,000 short-term visitors arrived in June.

Australia is first choice among tourists from China for their next holiday and grows faster than any other countries.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) economists Alexandre Veroude and Tony Morriss believe with an increased aviation capacity between Australia and China and changes to visa requirements”, the  Chinese tourism will grow at the same speed than last year (+23% in 2015-16).

China will replace New Zealand as the Australia’s largest arrivals market this financial year.

An other interesting fact is that in average Chinese tourists spend more than other tourists (Source: BAML) with an average spending around $3000+ (per trip).


Australia climbed from eighth most visited to sixth to Favorite Destination in 2016 !

Australia is today premium choice among Chinese travellers after it is Japan, followed by Hong Kong, South Korea and “Maldives”.

Here are the top destinations, according  International Travel Monitor by hotels.com .


Chinese tourists are now the biggest travellers group coming to Australia’s

92% of Chinese (92%) like to travel to new place rather than return to old destination.

Chinese People Love Australia because of its beaches, adventure area, sightseeing and local Way of life , and for the Shopping in Australia

Australia attract  the desires of the Chinese Middle Class.

Most Chinese consumers travel not alone, mostly with friends then family,

Half taking their kids with them…  Most of Chinese Middle class plan to increase their spending on holidays (good news).

Over the past 2years, the most popular countries for Chinese were the US followed by Thailand. It changes !

In 2015, Japan overtook Hong Kong in 3rd tourism Destination.

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