China is the best destination for expatriates in 2013


According to a recent study of the Hong-Kong bank HSBC, China should be in top of the list for best destinations for expatriates this year.



For this study, 7000 people in 37 countries were asked to answer the questions. The bank then could make a list of the best countries for the economy, the quality of like and the education of the children.

If China reach the first position with these 3 criteria, the country is very bad for children education. However expatriates in China think they are very well paid and that they have a better quality of life than in their original country. 59% of them said they earned more money than before, and 41% said that the work environment was better. Concerning quality of life China ranks then 3rd. Surprisingly the growing problems of pollution and food scandals didn’t have an effect on this study.

We can compare with Taiwan, which is the number 8 of the list, and Hong Kong, only 25th. Hong Kong didn’t rank high maybe because of the price of life and the difficulty to find a good apartment.


Even if mandarin is hard to learn, 86% of expatriates in China learn it.



But concerning the freedom and personal rights, China is only 111th.

Concerning the quality of life, Thailand is the first country, with a healthy food, a good work environment, social life, shops, local markets and local culture. Expatriates living in Thailand admit that it is quite easy to integrate, 76% of them saying they had no troubles finding new friends in their new country.

Dean Blackburn, head of HSBC expats, says “Asia is still one of the most popular destinations for expatriates, because of a very good quality of life, a cheap life, and more working opportunities.”

But you should be careful with this study. In fact, maybe the expatriates that were sent from their country to China have a good life, but what about the interns and the other foreigners? In fact some have a local contract to work, and the salary is not always high in a Chinese company. With a local contract you don’t get a lot of holydays neither, having just the national holydays, and having to catch up these during the weekends. Life as a student in China is not always easy neither. If you don’t have enough money, you have to live very far from the city center, because renting a room can be very expensive in the big Chinese cities. For example the rents in Shanghai or Beijing can be as high as the rents in Paris.


And you what do you think? Is China the best country for expatriates and foreigners?

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