China takes over France’s third-place in the tourism revenue’s race in 2014

China has accumulated $56,9 billions of tourist revenues during the year 2014. Whereas France « only » has $55,4 billions. Datas from World Tourism Organization (WTO) are clear : France has just lost its third-place to China. And it seems like it is going to last a while..

China has a good dynamic of +10,2% whereas France is much less healthy, showing a diminution of -2,3%. Tendancy is quite clear : you must bet on China in the future !

Chinese tourists are spending much more !

In terms of international touristic arrivals, France stays number one, accumulating more than 83 millions of tourists in the country. China stands out at a very good fourth rank, with more than 55 millions of tourists welcomed. These millions of tourists in China represent a huge market for companies willing to invest in the Middle Kingdom.

Moreover, transportation put aside, a tourist in China spends nearly twice more than one in France ! The first one will spend more than $1000 when the second one will only spend around $660. Therefor, a tourist in China is a much better customer than one in France.

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An increasing duration of holidays

Commercial accomodation has been losing money for more than 2 years now : 67,8% of the nights were commercial in 2012, when in 2014, this percentage was about 66,5%, which shows a significant decrease.

Nowadays’ tourist being in favour of collaborative accomodation, this tendency should keep on going, at least on a short term level. A study occures that 10% of Europeans are seduced with the idea of exchanging flats directly between particulars.

Even if they are still the biggest part of the visits (82%), Europeans have less traveled to France in 2014 (-1% to 68 millions of tourists).

Having said that, the duration of tourists’ holidays has been increasing. The foreign tourists have, in average, stayed 7,2 days, which shows an increase of nearly 2%.

Therefor, France will be taking on this factor to increase its touristic revenues. Which is fair enough. The longer you stay somewhere, the more you spend. At least in general. But it is not such an assurance.

According to WTO, China is the first emitting market in terms of touristic spending with more than $165 billions spent. An increase of more than 28% from 2013 to 2014. China comes even before USA and Germany.

WTO’s classification

USA remain the champions of touristic revenues according to WTO’s classification. With more than $177 billions in 2014, which means an increase of 2,5% comparing to 2013, they once again confirm their pole position. In the same way, Spain remains second, with more than $65 billions, increasing its revenues around 4% comparing to the year before.

In the third position, we can see a big change : China overtaking France’s position.

We can also pinpoint United Kingdom’s good progression, which goes from the 9th to the 7th ranking ($45 billions).

The touristic revenues’ top 10 is established as the following :

1 USAChina Tourists shopping Spending

2 Spain

3 China

4 France

5 Macao

6 Italia

7 United Kingdom

8 Germany

9 Thailand

10 Hong-Kong

According to WTO, tourism around the world has generated $1245 billions in 2014. Which represents a 3,7% growth in one year, taking onboard inflation and currency exchange rate’s fluctuations.

In order to establish its ranking, WTO has taken onboard international tourists’ spending in terms of accommodation, lunches and drinks, entertainment, buys and other goods and services.

Adding these data to the revenues of international transport of tourists, the total of revenues reaches $1500 billions. In 2014, arrivals of international tourists have increased about 4,4% comparing to the year before, to $1,135 billion of travelers (1,087 billion in 2013).

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