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We are a growing team of 75 marketers with a passion for China and digital marketing. We are constantly looking for new ideas in order to renew our solutions packages and always be on top of the  market trends. With 7 years of existence, we have had many satisfied customers in the china ecommerce world (and more) who regularly come back to us to run their lastest campaigns.

China Ecommerce: Solutions


China ecommerce Project audit

What is your place in the market? What is the best solution for your specific project and budget?



Paper work and store development don’t have to be a burden. Hand it to our dedicated team and get done with it.


SHOP MANAGEMENT & customer acquisition

Upload, update & manage content following your instructions.



Create & manage campaigns  following the various events of China E-commerce Calendar.



Brand awarness with PR, Kol, Seo, Packaging design … We make sure consumers know who you are.

We’ve worked with some great companies already. Want to be our next china ecommerce success story?


Selectspecs is an e-Commerce website which sells Fashion Glasses. Brand Story : Life-long glasses wearer David McMillan had the original idea to sell prescription glasses online back in 2004. Looking at the opportunities of the Chinese Market. The Online optical chains believed the choice was too limited and grossly over-priced for the Chinese Market. 

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Solutions for everyone

Let us know about your project, your goals for China as well as your budget, and we will create a custom strategy that will answer your needs. Our strategy is axed around getting exposure and e-reputation. Why? To gain your audience trust and high conversition rate.

T-Mall is the biggest Chinese e-commerce platform with a conversion rate that can be up to 25%. Highly trusted by consumers, it is the place to be for big brands. It has a global platform that make it easier for foreign brand to join in.

The second player of the Chinese e-commerce industry. It has the most developed logistic service of China and is associated to innovation & technologies. The platform also offers a global option and has the trust of customers.

This social-ecommerce platform is smaller than Tmall or JD  &  cheaper. The app core content revolve around customers reviews. It makes it easy for buyer to do research about a product without having to quit the platform.

WeChat Store is the biggest social-media-ecommerce platform in China. The competition not as fierce as on T-Mall and The platform is also great for story telling & brand communication as well as to engage with your followers.


The very first of your e-commerce journey in China is going to be an audit of your project. Many companies come to us to open a Tmall Store, many to not meet the requirements, do you? We will tell you what is possible for your brand & your budget and give you insight on the direction you should take to fulfill your goals in China.

Opening a store on a Chinese platform can be a huge hassle: language & cultural barrier, paper work for instance. We can help with the administrative part as well as designing a store that will fit your brand culture as well as answering the code of Chinese e-commerce.

Shop management & customers acquisition

Get good traffic and spend your money efficiently. We provide ROI oriented solutions. Our main goal: Get your store traffic that convert.

With the acquired data base we proceed to re-targetting campaigns and loyalty management campaign. Keep in mind that it cost less to retain customers than to get new one, it cost less to convert existing visitors that to generate new one.

Content & marketing Campaign

Your Shop is going to need frequent update to rank and keep potential customers interessted. our creative and copywriting team can take care of this: products upload, banners etc

A healthy store in China needs to be able to follow the differents festival and sales that come with them but also to surprise visitors with interessting events.

Step Forward: Store e-reputation

In China more than anywhere else, brand awareness is necessary. Without a smart multichannel marketing strategy you might get traffic on your store & zero conversion. Be everywhere Chinese consumers are looking for you and answers all their question before they can even ask!

We have PR, Kol, SEO/SEM solutions. Using China most popular app and platform, we developed a global strategy that will make consumers talking about your brand. Once they start talking about you, half the battle is won!

Why Choose Us


Once we agreed on a strategy we get on it right away. We are time efficient and don’t want to make you waste your time.

Cost Efficient

Our success depends on your success. We work with all kind of companies & have packages for every budget.

On top of the market

E-commerce & digital marketing are always evolving to fit the netizens needs. We know the trends & sometimes launch the trends.


We have teams of locals that perfectly know the Chinese culture as well as foreign team for a smooth sail on the Chinese business ocean.

Here to Stay

Our agency has been here for a while. 7 years, and we are not going anywhere. We adapt, improvise and overcome every new situations.

You are unique

Your project has its own characteristics & we will treat it knowing it. Each of our customers gets customs solutions & services.

Commonly asked questions about china ecommerce


Should I have a Website?

Yes definitely. You won’t make many sales via your website but it is a base for your Seo/Sem and E-reputation effort. It is also an excellent platform to do story telling.


Can Small Company go on Tmall?

Tmall is huge and great, but definitely not for everyone. If you are a small brand, with a small budget, better go for another option such a wechat store and Xiaohongshu. Tmall entry requirement are also pretty strict.


What is Cross border Ecommerce?

Cross-border e-commerce is simply the importation of good from sellers from foreign countries.  Cosmetics and care products, food, fashion products including luxury goods are very popular.