China Internet authorities issued new regulations (here) on the country’s instant messaging group chats on Thursday, requiring group wechat owners to take full responsibility for the management of the groups. It is also available in QQ, Baidu tieba etc…

Most of conversation in China are on Groups. Closed group because people can speak freely…

New Regulation for Forums & Group in China

Conversations on WeChat Groups, QQ GRoups or Baidu Tieba have become popular in China

Serving as online forums, given that these platforms provide a private space for discussions. However, China’ governement is now taking action to tighten controls over the conversation.

The CAC  expects that the “managers” or Wechat group “owners” will have to be responsible for the management of the groups.

  • Online chat providers must now verify the identities of the users and keep the blogs and logs of the group chats for at least six months.
  •  the rules also require the service providers to set up credit systems.

Users who break the rules will have their credit score lowered, have their management rights suspended, and be reported to relevant government departments to keep them on file, said the Cyberspace Administration of China on its official website.

China’ Internet Regulation especially highlighted in its statement that “whoever sets up the group should be responsible,” and that “whoever manages the group should be responsible.” Specially on Wechat.

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Rules will be online October 8th.

The new Rules will cover Social Media platforms provided by the country’s internet giants and budding startups, such as Baidu’s Tieba, Alibaba’s Alipay chat, Tencent’s WeChat and QQ, Sina’s Weibo, and the group chats in the rising dating app Momo.

WeChat boasts more than 800 million users, while Weibo has about 200 million active users.

 source : Technode , CGtn