Wealthy Chinese : Good money, bad tastes

Rich Chinese love luxury brands

Channel’s leather jacket, Gucci’s watch, Louis Vuitton’s bag and Louboutin’s shoes… These luxury brands are really popular in China. Chinese are one of the world’s largest consumers of luxury goods.

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Chinese people bought up to 47% ($102 billion) of the world’s luxury goods in 2013, as reported by Fortune Character Institute. In 2013, the consumption of luxury products increased by 3% ($28 billion)  .


These wealthy consumers mostly luxury brands clothes but fail to have the style matching the social category they belong to. 

Chinese wealthy people tend to not consider pieces under 2000 yuan. Indeed, according to them, the minimum price for good clothing has to be above CNY 1000 for guaranteed quality and stylish design. But what is the point since to buy it if they only do fashion faux pas ?

They have bad tastes

Most of the time, Chinese rich people do not have lots of free time to go shopping. Thus, when they do, they tend to buy dozens pieces of clothes without even thinking about how they would style it with.

Chinese wealthy people own so many clothes but none of their piece can make a perfect combo because they don’t think when they buy it. This way, often they will style it the wrong way.


This lack of taste isn’t supposed fly when you are a “high flyer”.

However reality and wealth are only compatible when one is supposed to be stylish. Looks matter a lot in China. If you’re poor but are well-dressed people will mistake you as rich and vice versa.

Bottom line : in China looks matter for all but those who have to.

Having a personal stylist is a new must in China


Personal stylist is a new job worldwide. Even celebrities have more than one. Even presidents of any countries do have one. I would even say that having a personal stylist can prove that your rich. Because, these people are so expensive that it seems like only rich people can afford them.

Since Chinese rich people do not have the necessary sense of fashion for their line of job, they need personal stylists to get a better visual appearance otherwise what is the need to buy luxury clothes if you cannot style it well ?

Plus, in China, when you pay a personal stylist, not only did you get dressed better but you also get good advices, lessons. You can learn how to apply make-up, how to reorganize your wardrobe, personal stylists also take you on shopping tours and overseas fashion study trips. That is Le Huiling’s task.


Le Huiling works for Ximan Colour, a high-end personal styling company. She is herself a former stylist but today she gives rich people advices about fashion. She said that the Shanghai Office had about a hundred of VIP clients which includes entrepreneurs , television hosts, university professors or even government officials. The VIP people’s average age is 35 to 50. Most of the time, they spend around 500,000 yuan per year.

But according to these VIP people, paying hundred of thousand yuan is worth it because this way they get to know more about fashion, they can learn how to avoid fashion faux pas and they stop wearing only black.


These personal stylists company also organise overseas trips for their VIP clients. For example, last year, a Mediterranean cruise has been organized and Le was one of the mentors. She said, “During the trip, we advised members what to wear for different occasions – an evening dress to the captain’s dinner, a tuxedo or black dress for events like art auctions, and casual wear for dinners on the deck”.

According to Sun Yan, Ximan Color’s founder, Chinese had become rich really quickly, however, their fashion sens does not, it is pretty low.

Personal stylist for personal style.

At the era of the identity and increased sense of individuality, welathy Chinese must pay attention to appearance even more so than ever. A personal stylist will avoid rich Chinese to be perceived as “土豪” : Tu hao, rich but no taste, something loathed by Chinese.

Wealth must rythm with style for the top 1% (10 million Chinese can be considered rich)

Personal stylists, you know where to go!

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