China is building the mall of the future

Retails sales in China are booming these years, first with this new middle class upcoming who has a strong buying power potential. In 2020, this middle class will dominated china’s urban population. Second, the booming of the retail sales in China doubled to reach about 4, 1 trillion dollars. The growth of the consumption in China has new interesting opportunities and a bright future.

Even if this profitable environment, malls are facing the booming of this fierce e-commerce competition.  People are less and less willing to shopping in stores because it is more convenient to buy online. So how malls can compete with e-commerce?  China is spending and investing a lot in technological capacities in malls in order to enhance this digital experience with customers.

There is an interesting article about promising High Tech products in China.

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Interactive screen and fitting mirror

You have probably heard about the booming of interactive screen platform? Most of the brands are using this tool to interact directly with customers. To give you an example, many brands such as Ralph Lauren is testing this fitting mirror allowing customers to try clothes and see if it fits without taking off the clothes. Customers select and choose clothes according to their tastes.  

Here below a video showing you the concept

Robot as salesperson

Does Robot is replacing the salesperson? It is probably on the way, programmed to talk in 8 different languages, giving advices to customers and answer some basics questions.

Nestlé has used this so called Pepper Robot made in Japan by SoftBank’s subsidiary to perform the role as a sales person and serving Nescafe’s cup of coffee to customer and let them experience the taste of Dolce Gusto and more.

pepper robot

Futurist event

Creating interactive and futurist’s events to attract customers in their retails stores with fancy, new and original layout adding with some digital experience.

Have you ever visiting the striking mall center located in Zhengzhou in 1200 square meters, called the Dongfeng City? Here the picture below. A huge mall center with an amazing architecture where you can actually find everything the digital aspect with a fountain plaza and huge restaurants’ structure. This mall center was designed by AmphibianArc architectural company.

dongfeng city mall

Dongfeng city

Optimizing apps to create experience with consumer

Mall centers is using apps to promote. A lot of brands is constantly using this tool to attract new customers in their stores. For example, you have the one so called Feifan app created by Wanda group and allowing users to enjoy promotions and services…etc. You have bunch of applications trying to attract customers in their retail stores. Another example with Shenzhen Rainbow has also launched its own app to deliver more promotions to customers.

To conclude, China is on the way to build more and more center malls with advanced digital technology to attract customer and to face the competition of e-commerce.

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