The outbreak of the coronavirus has pushed the tourism industry to pause, but live streaming has brought more possibilities for tourism businesses and platforms.

Fliggy officially launched  “the house travel plan” with nearly a thousand tourism businesses and KOL’s from more than 30 countries and regions.

They will continue to bring users with more than 100 global live streaming activities every day. On Feb 23, nine well-known museums in China, including the China national museum and Sanxingdui museum, will also log on to  Taobao live streaming, allowing users to visit museums online.

China’s tourism industry will “retaliatory rebound”

According to the spokesperson of Fliggy: the merchants who actively use live streaming function can not only keep in touch with their fans but also issue coupons through live streaming, which has already identified a batch of post-epidemic travel needs.  There is no doubt that customers’ demands are still existing.

The demand for travel will not disappear completely because of the coronavirus. When the turning point comes, the epidemic will gradually become the past, and China’s travel industry will retaliatory rebound. By targeting users’ travel needs in advance through live streaming, platforms and businesses can enjoy greater profits in this wave of “retaliatory rebound”.

Data from Fliggy show that during the outbreak of the coronavirus, the time for users to view online travel texts, pictures, destination guides, live streaming, and other content continued to extend; Obviously, people’s demand for travel is still very strong, how to seize this demand is the primary concern of platforms and businesses, and live streaming is a good method.

Live streaming will bring new opportunities to the tourism industry

As a matter of fact, Fliggy has already started the live streaming service before the outbreak of the coronavirus, and some results have been achieved. According to the data provided by Fliggy, in 2019, they had more than 26,000 live shows, of which commercial live shows accounted for nearly 80%, and set a record of more than 6 million views in one show.

Besides, in addition, to live streaming for users, Fliggy also launched corresponding live streaming of lectures for merchants to help them better prepare for future development.

The coronavirus will eventually end, and what platforms and businesses need to do is build momentum to generate a quick rebound and even faster growth when hope comes.





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