China Market of Euro-style lampblack machine
Euro-style lampblack machine  occupies 45.86 of the market in terms of the quantity and 57.31% according to the trade volume.
In this market, the biggest four players are Robam, Fotile,
Vantage and Simens as showed in the following chart:

market for Euro-style chimney for kitchen in China,first half 2011

The market for Euro-style lampblack machine in China,first half 2011

According to the trade volume, these four companies occupies 61.28%:

market for Euro-style lampblack machine in China,first half 2010

This chart shows the 2010 market status.

These four companies took over 51.94% of the market in 2010, 10% less than that of 2011. So, in the future,

  1. The market will be more and more dominated by these four companies.
  2. And the market is now growing rapidly from  49.46% in 2010 to 57.31% in first half 2011, 7.85% more after only six months.

On one hand, the market is almost mature. On the other hand, Euro-style lampblack machine
is 30%-40% more expansive while the similar performance as Chinese-style ones. The only
advantage for Euro-style lampblack is its design.

The conclusion shows the Chinese market is different from occidental market. Customers
here have stronger desire for high-end products in this market. And this require the
producers to prepare in advance and keep the quick pace with the trend.

Source: HanwangBiz

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