China online travel market

As more and more Chinese travelers go abroad, online travel agencies have become numerous. Their names are Ctrip, Tuniu, 17U, Elong, Uzai, Aoyou, Lvmama… If you have never heard about them, don’t worry. You will discover them and their weight in the online travel market.


Online travel agencies

Ctrip is a mainland China-focused travel agency founded in 1999 which operates through its website and offices. Ctrip accepts different methods of payment, for example, foreign credit card, Paypal, Alipay, Tenpay, or cash.

Elong is Ctrip’s direct opponent, also founded in 1999.


17U,founded in 2004 in Suzhou, covers tourism business like air tickets, attraction tickets, hotels.


Tuniu, founded in 2006 focus on online package and group tour.


Lvmama, founded in Shanghai in 2008 focus on independent and demanding travelers.

Estimation of China online vacation booking market until 2015

    Online travel market is a niche field with low rate of penetration in comparison with the online ticket and online hotel booking. However, it grows the fastest when online vacation booking’s growth is steady every year. Online travel market can be divided into 3 parts:
*Outbound travel
*Domestic travel
*Short getaway trip

China Online Vacation Booking Market Structure from 2011 to 2013

    Domestic travel market is decreasing for the benefit of short getaway trip and outbound travel.
Let’s see who rule online vacation market.

The leaders


    Ctrip, Tuniu and 17U are the main leaders on travel market.
But how much money do they make?

China Online Travel Market

    In the beginning of 2013, China online travel revenue was about 2.43 billion RMB. This revenue has grown fast due to the quick development of online transactions and discounts on flights and hotels.

China Online Travel Revenue Share

    In conclusion, Ctrip is doubtless the leader in term of market share and revenue, followed by Elong and 17U.
But for how long?



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