China owns 68% of the hotel projects in the Asia Pacific-area


Projects are rapidly developing

The entire Asia Pacific area has 2494 hotel projects with 584,554 rooms. This would be the creation of 6 % ​​hotels more compared to last year. There are 3 countries which have the most hotel projects ( 90%) are China, India and Indonesia.

Indeed, with 1,695 hotel projects , China ( see website) is placed at the first position. There are about 435,006 rooms, with the largest portfolio in the world in terms of number of rooms . Nevertheless, the United States are the leader in terms of number of hotels. China regroups 68 % of all projects identified in the Asia Pacific region. The most important cities are Chengdu , Shanghai and Hong Kong.

India has moved from 3rd place to 4th place , overtaken by Brazil. It has 335 hotel projects for 56,276 rooms. Followed by Indonesia with 203 projects for 33,021 rooms which allows it to be ranked at the 5th position.

Finally, the franchise has become a very common way of development in the hotel sector . It is used by three main companies : Hilton Worldwide ( 175 projects for 53,504 rooms), Marriott International ( 172 projects for 46,055 rooms) and Intercontinental Hotels Group ( 117 projects for 29,536 rooms). However, Accor has the biggest portfolio in Asia Pacific with a total of 192 hotel projects 43 110 rooms )


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