China counts more than 2 billion inhabitants. In 2013, more than 7 million young students are graduating from their formations. Among them, only 1/3 can find work. The Chinese job market is more saturated and that involves a growing stress in the young people who are not sure to find a job at the end of their studies. China paining to cure this problem has perhaps found the solution.

The graduate Chinese students in China

While the education knew an incredible quantitative growth, the phenomenon was not correlated with a rise amongst employment for graduates. The Chinese universities, miraculous places and synonymous of social rise don’t any more satisfy the ambitions of the Chinese graduates. More and more of students re-examine their professional requirements downwards. In only a few years, the number of students having an under-qualified employment doubled. Now, a new category appeared, “Young and educated underclass”.diplomé-chinois


The solution for the saturated work market

More young auto-entrepreneurs

The young students are increasingly numerous to turn into the entrepreneurship and self-employment encouraged by the Chinese government and the universities. Then, they open their own stores, shops, restaurant or brands, generally on or near the campus.yichi_with_1checker


Assistances towards the auto-entrepreneurs

Nevertheless, launch its own business is not an easy matter. Indeed, the young people must reflect on their projects and not only follow the effect of the trend. Because if it is often easy to open a shop. Is when you have to keep it open that the things become complicated. For this reason, the young entrepreneurs need to have some knowledge and receive assistances.

For the majority, their parents are favorable to their projects and provide them the initial financial contribution.

The universities, satisfied to see its graduates launching out in the business and see that as an economic opportunities in the country, don’t hesitate to bring them their assistances.

The Chinese government contributed enormously to the growth of this phenomenon by providing a strong support. The students who wish to settle their own companies have during 3 years a reduction of their taxes. Moreover, if 3 graduates are, at least in the company, those which are implied can also request for an annual help of 481$ USD.  The Chinese government has introduced for each formation, courses called “bases of a company”. These courses are conceived to make known entrepreneurial matter to the students. Former graduates having success are often invited to share their experiments. However, because of the recent release of this policy, it becomes difficult to implement it.



Cai Yutie, a young 23 year old student in Zhuhai specialized in journalism decided to open with his friend, a clothing and accessories shop intended mainly for women. Their store, GreatMe with a modern style, quickly became popular and displays a good monthly growth of its sales. According to the owners, that largely enables them to pay their rents and their daily needs. According to Cai, the fact that the young Chinese seek to develop their own business is the reflection of their difficulties to find a professional place worthy of their ambition in the society.greatme

Wen Zibin, a 22 year old student, graduate from the Shenzhen University thanks to the relations of his parents, can find an employment however below his competences. Not being able to develop fully as professionals, decided to leave its work. He joins two of his friends and the latter opens a backing store, Momo. The cakes they sell are very appreciated from the young people. In order to attract many Chinese consumers, they followed formation in various schools of kitchens and pastry shop.momo



The job market in China is a market arrived at maturation and now saturated. China, with its million graduates who leave each year distressed by the fact to not find work, must find a solution to them. To let the ambitious young people develop their own companies by providing a constant support, prove to be the exit of this problem, beneficial for each side.


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