China, the Biggest Robot Market in the Next Year

According to the data from International Federation of Robotics, China mainland robot market is expanding at a surprisingly 25% annually, surpassing Korea in 2012 as the second largest robot market in the world, only next to Japan. But by the end of next year, Japan’s position will also be taken by China.

As expected by the SEO from Shenyin & Wanguo Investment, in the following 10 years, the China robot market will be a fast developing industry without limit.

It’s no doubt good news for foreign robot manufacturers and designers, because the demand for foreign robot technology is growing even more rapidly.

Labor cost

In the past 7 years, the labor cost in China has increased a lot. Average salary for assembly line workers in Zhejiang, a traditional production center in China, has doubled from 2425 USD/year to 6750 USD/year.

According to the history of Japan and Korea, when GDP per capita has reached 6000 USD, the demand for robot will witness a big leap. And this is where China is now!

Limited competition of local competitors

A unique advantage for foreign companies to enter or expand their business in China is the limited competition with local competitors. 80%-90% core parts cannot be manufactured in China.

Precision, automation level and duration are usually the ”vital gate” for most local companies.

Search Engine Marketing

With the results from exhibition and prospecting are becoming less and less satisfying, most companies have already turned to a new solution called “Search Engine Marketing”. It includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click).

Robot PPC

Robot manufacturers working on PPC on Baidu


Robot manufacturers working on PPC on Baidu

Robot manufacturers working on PPC on Baidu

Because now, more and more buyers in INDUSTRY looking for suppliers on the Internet. In fact, 83% buyers starts their information collection from the Internet and 93% of the buyers agreed that the Internet is the most convenient way to find suppliers.

Then the question is in which way, they can find information?

For buyers in industry, nothing can beat Baidu in the game where can you find the information you want. Thus, to appear on the search result on certain keywords turns out to be very important. For example, most people who search industrial keywords such as “arm robot” are usually engineers or purchasers who want to have a new one.

As for the solutions to appear in the search results, SEO and PPC are the best solutions. SEO can allows you to appear in the organic search result, it takes more time but usually the cost is lower and results can stay longer.

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